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How to get into Warzone vaults without an access card

Published: 17/Jun/2020 14:31

by Jacob Hale


Warzone players have been finding unique ways to get into vaults without an access card – earning themselves bundles of free, top-tier loot without the struggle of searching for the card.

The vaults were made available for players to get into after the May 18 update, only accessible through finding a very rare access key card, and will leave you and your squad with the best possible loadouts thanks to the insane amounts of loot available.

While many players in the lobby will be hunting for access cards as soon as they drop to get themselves ready for the incoming battle, some savvy players have discovered that you don’t actually need a key card at all.


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Warzone bunkers might need a bit of tweaking after this.

All you need to pull off this trick is an ATV, some impeccable timing and a little bit of luck.

As evidenced in the video below, you can literally vault right over the sealed door as if it’s not even there and pick up all the goods you want.

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The trick is simply to drive an ATV towards the door and have a teammate sat on the front – they’re going to be the one vaulting through the door.

Then, the player sat in front will just have to jump in as the ATV clashes with the door, and you should simply clip through it and get whatever you like from the bunker.


While you may be concerned about how to get out, the video above details that, too. The player driving the ATV will need to do a wheelie up against the door, and from within you should be able to jump at the door and enter the ATV, clipping through it.

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While the video above was first caught before the launch of Season 4, we found another clip courtesy of Jon_depalma_ on Reddit, who showed that it’s possible to do it solo, too, as long as you jump at the right time and the right angle.

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As Jon says in a comment on the Reddit post, it’s not a particularly difficult task, but can literally be deadly. “Just do what I do in the video,” he said to an inquiring respondent. “The only thing precise you have to do is angle yourself to jump in front of the quad so you can mantle the front, kind of a risky move because I’ve crushed myself a few times doing this.”


It’s unlikely you’re going to manage to pull this trick off first time, so you might have to practice it a bit to get it right – but the rewards are clearly worth the risk, and if you can do this regularly, you’ll be laughing to victory in Verdansk.