Best DR-H Assault Rifle loadout for Call of Duty: Mobile

Connor Bennett
The DR-H rifle in CoD Mobile

The DR-H is Call of Duty: Mobile’s newest weapon, but what is the best set-up and class for it? Well, there are a few tips and tricks that you should follow for now.

As new seasons have been rolled out for Call of Duty: Mobile, players have been able to play some classic CoD maps from different games. Classic weapons and characters have been introduced as well, giving the mobile game a fresh coat of paint.  

With the start of Season 8: The Forge, Call of Duty: Mobile players are able to get their hands on a new weapon – the DR-H assault rifle. The weapon, which is your usual SCAR-H, is unlockable via the battle pass at tier 21, but what is the best class setup for it?

Well, popular YouTuber BobbyPlays has got a few tips that should help you run riot against enemies in your enemies.

Highrise was also added to CoD Mobile in season 8.

Best DR-H class in CoD Mobile

From the get-go, the DR-H packs a mighty punch compared to some of the other weapons in CoD Mobile. However, it can be boosted by the OTM attachment to take its damage over the 85 rating mark. 

On top of that, Extended Mags is an essential attachment to use because the weapon only has 20 bullets in its normal magazines.

You can forego a scope as well and just use Quickdraw as the third attachment. Foregrip and Stock are useable as well, however, Quickdraw should give you a bigger boost in your mission to gun down enemies. 

DR-H Assault Rifle best attachments

  • Extended Mags
  • OTM
  • Quickdraw 

Obviously, when it comes to perks and the likes, you might have your own set-up that you’re comfortable with for most classes. However, the YouTuber recommends Lightweight, Toughness, and Dead Silence.

As BobbyPlays demonstrates, the weapon can very much melt opponents who happen to find themselves on the wrong side of the DR-H. 

If the weapon proves to be a little too overpowered, the CoD Mobiles will likely roll out a patch in the future, but for now, it might be the best weapon in the game so try it out.