How to get CDL Champs Packs in Modern Warfare: prices, camos, items, more

Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone have a flashy new bundle available to commemorate the Call of Duty League’s 2020 Championships, and it’s filled to the brim with shiny new items.

Likely the largest pack in Modern Warfare, the CDL Champs Bundle comes with a whopping 69 items: three Legendary Blueprints, two Charms, three Calling Cards, three Emblems, three Sprays and 55 Stickers. And, like the winner of August’s CDL Championship will be, the motif for the entire pack is glistening gold.

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It’s hard to tell which elements of this bundle are most enticing, as the entire assortment pays excellent homage to everything from tournament success to the league’s players themselves, as well as the language that has become so ingrained within the CoD community.

At $14.99 and unavailable to acquire with COD Points, fans will need to get the wallets out should they want some bling. Infinity Ward has made this hard to resist, as two of the three weapon Blueprints are for some of the most popular guns in multiplayer and Warzone, respectively: the M4A1 and HDR.

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CDL Champs 2020 M4A1 BlueprintInfinity Ward
The CDL Champs 2020 M4A1 Legendary Blueprint.
CDL Champs 2020 HDR BlueprintInfinity Ward
The CDL Champs 2020 HDR Legendary Blueprint.

The black and gold colorways are dark yet lustrous, befitting the energy of a highly anticipated, multi-million dollar championship capping off the CDL’s inaugural season. But while these colorways and textures allude to Champs, the two charms available in the pack are much more direct—a golden championship ring and a miniature version of the coveted trophy.


The rest of the bundle gets a lot more lighthearted and community-oriented, as it features 55 Player Signature Sprays that showcase the full variety of CDL pro autographs and accompanying personalities. While guys like the Dallas Empire’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter and Atlanta FaZe’s Preston ‘Priestahh’ Greiner have classy (and possibly professional) penmanship, the Minnesota Rokkr’s Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo-Palmer lives up to his namesake with a beautifully genuine tag.

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CDL Champs 2020 Signature SpraysInfinity Ward
The CDL Champs 2020 Player Signature Sprays.

That attention to player personality extends even further into the community with the Calling Cards and Emblems, which feature some of the phrases that have become widespread amongst CoD players everywhere. From “I’m frying” to “lost full” and “chalked,” players can now represent their favorite expressions in-game without needing to clutter comms with them.

The CDL Champs 2020 bundle comes alongside another pro-inspired pack, the CDL Team Support pack. That one costs $4.99 and includes very unique Calling Cards, Emblems, and Sprays for each team—including funny nods to team and city histories, like a router Emblem for the Empire and a New York Subliners Spray featuring a rat eating pizza.

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Whether it’s the sleek M4A1 from the Champs bundle or the distinctive cosmetics from the Team Support pack, July 10 has brought a ton of content for CDL fans to rock in-game.