CoD streamer banned after forgetting to hide wallhacks in Modern Warfare

Calum Patterson
Call of Duty player using hacks

A Call of Duty Twitch streamer was caught red-handed using wallhacks in Modern Warfare, resulting in a swift ban from the platform.

[jwplayer iWRvz1JV]

In a classic tale of a streamer accidentally revealing that they are in fact cheating while playing, streamer ‘TwistedBear’ seemed totally unaware that all of his viewers could see his wallhacks on the broadcast.

Cheating has become a prevalent issue in Modern Warfare and in Warzone, the battle royale component of the latest Call of Duty release. Although fans are often suspicious of certain streamers, it’s rare to catch one so obviously in the act.

Cheater using wallhacks in Modern Warfare
Cheaters use wallhacks and aimbots to get an unfair advantage in Modern Warfare.

Although Activision and developers Infinity Ward have taken steps to curb the rise of hackers, it’s a constant war of attrition, as the cheats find new ways to bypass the protections.

There has been speculation that a significant increase in hacking has occurred in the game’s fourth season. Hackers have apparently found a way to get around the two-factor authentication requiring a mobile number to set up a new account.

For this streamer though, it seems as if this was taking place on their main account. As the clip shows, he can see enemy players’ exoskeletons through walls, anywhere on the map, even on a player way back in their spawn.

This clip quickly went viral, doing the rounds on social media and Reddit — and so it wasn’t long before it came across Twitch’s attention. Unsurprisingly, TwistedBear’s channel is no longer available.

Unfortunately, viewers never got the satisfaction of seeing TwistedBear realize his error. One of the most infamous hacking scenarios caught on Twitch went viral after a CS:GO streamer blamed her friend ‘Clara’ for installing the hacks.

The streamer, MissQGemini, was also using wallhacks, before realizing to her dismay that all of her viewers could see the embarrassing truth.

Presumably, Infinity Ward will also be issuing a ban to TwistedBear’s Modern Warfare account, which should stop him ever ruining matches by cheating again.