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Aydan slams Warzone’s lack of basic feature as stream snipers run riot

Published: 13/Aug/2021 11:11

by Jacob Hale


Aydan has hit out at Call of Duty battle royale title Warzone, claiming the game “sucks,” begging for the devs to help fix the stream sniping issue in the game.

Throughout August 2021, in the lead-up to the release of Warzone Season 5, we’ve seen a number of players and top streamers leave the game to tackle Apex Legends, with a huge shift in popularity.

While the hacking issue is the main driving factor behind this, there are actually plenty of issues with the game itself that makes it harder for players.

For streamers, especially, this is exacerbated by the problems they individually face.


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One key feature that has been lacking from Warzone since launch, and one that many competitors have as standard, is a streamer mode.

Streamer mode pretty much does as expected: it’s for streamers to put on and hide their identity or whereabouts to potential stream snipers, whose sole purpose is to follow them around the map and ruin their games.

After using a burner account and still being killed by a stream sniper, Aydan tweeted the clip of the sniper getting him, calling it “another reason why Warzone sucks” and calling his opponents “rats.”

Stream snipers have long been a massive issue for streamers, especially in battle royale titles where it’s relatively easy to track a streamer’s movement, and taking them out completely ruins their game.


Some streamers already take precautions to try and avoid snipers, such as longer stream delays or hiding screens on drop, but it’s not possible to get away from them completely, especially for someone as popular as Aydan.

We’ve already seen teasers that Warzone could introduce the long-awaited anti-cheat software at some point soon — could a Streamer Mode follow?