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JGOD picks one Apex Legends feature Warzone desperately needs

Published: 12/Aug/2021 23:23

by Jaret Kappelman


The Call of Duty Warzone community has had a great debate over the right format for tournaments. Youtuber JGOD thinks that tournament organizers need to adopt a system that is similar to Apex Legend’s ranked one.

Warzone has seen many different tournament structures. From head-to-head competitions to kill races, and people have debated which format works best.

There has been huge controversies over which ones should be used and which should never be seen again in big tournaments. When events get announced the questions always revolve back to what format is being used for points.

However, with more players trying out Apex Legends, people think that there may be a long-term solution to Warzone’s format issues.


JGOD calls for Apex Legends’ system for Warzone tournaments 

With format still being a huge problem Warzone content creator JGOD wants to see a tournament with a scoring system that mirrors the one of Apex Legends ranked mode.

In Apex, players earn points based on their placement and kills or assists. You earn one point for each kill or assist up to six and it gets multiplied based on what your final placement is. You also receive points for your placement.


For example using JGOD’s format, if a player has three kills and finishes in first place they would get their kill points multiplied by 25. So the team would get 75 points solely off kills and then add “X” amount of points for winning that round.


This could put a new focal angle on how players would play each lobby. Once you max out your kill and assists points then players might want to sit back and play for placement points as well. One person replied saying Apex ranked is perfect.

Other people in the comments suggested implementing a similar system and Ranked mode to Warzone so players can be grinding for something rather than just a K/D or wins.

There has been no word from Activision on plans to add a ranked mode but with teases of an anti-cheat coming to Warzone it’s up there on player’s wish lists heading into Season 5.