Another game-breaking Warzone ADS glitch is ruining scoped weapons

warzone sniperActivision

Call of Duty players are coming across a game-breaking Warzone glitch that completely breaks aiming down the sights (ADS) when looking down a scope.

Raven Software have been hacking away at Warzone’s biggest issues since the launch of Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded that brought in brand new content for the Classified Arms update.

The new patch was a hit with Warzone players since it brought in the highly-anticipated Godzilla monster mash up to the island while introducing a fix to the notorious gas mask animation bug.

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Despite the progress, the battle royale’s community are still finding some persistent issues with Warzone’s gameplay that can leave people fuming.

warzone sniperActivision
Warzone snipers are being marred by yet another bug and players want a fix.

One such glitch makes Warzone players regret putting a scope on a Black Ops Cold War weapon that makes it impossible to actually use some guns.

When ADSing a Cold War gun, the game can sometimes make the player model obstruct the player’s field of view and even cover the reticule entirely.

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To fix the problem, some Warzone veterans suggested swapping out of BOCW weapons in lieu of any other gun in the BR’s massive arsenal. Until Raven can hone in on a permanent fix, it could be best to avoid scoped Cold War rifles.

The glitch can sometimes be unavoidable, seeing as it ranges from covering a small corner to swarming over half the screen. It’s been an issue that Warzone players have grown accustomed to and adds to the battle royale’s history with scope-related bugs.

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Past glitches could sometimes make it frustrating to use a sniper entirely. At one time, Warzone players found a bug that would get rid of a scope’s reticle which made people guesstimate where to shoot.

Another error created a bizarre flash effect when trying to aim through a sniper scope, effectively hindering a player’s visuals if they wanted to take a shot.

Players will have to wait and see when Raven Software will be able to patch out these Warzone bugs as people have been clamoring for crucial quality of life changes.

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