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All secret changes in Warzone Season 6 update not in patch notes

Published: 5/Oct/2020 1:04 Updated: 5/Oct/2020 1:37

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s players have discovered a variety of undisclosed changes to the battle royale, including some rare killstreaks, map adjustments (including some eerie ghost audio), and a Subway easter egg hunt.

With every new Modern Warfare and Warzone season, Infinity Ward has delivered a list of updates that they explain in updated patch notes. But, alongside those publicly available adjustments, the developers also include some hidden changes that the player-base is left to figure out on its own.


Of those secret additions or modifications to Warzone, fans have uncovered some legitimately game-changing discoverable killstreaks amongst Verdansk’s loot as well as some interesting, albeit not-so-dramatic map transformations.

Oh, and like Season 5’s Stadium easter egg, Warzone’s newest fast-travel system, the subway line, contains a way for players to unlock a Legendary Weapon Blueprint as well.


New Discoverable Killstreaks

Most players have likely realized that Self-Revive Kits can now be found among ground loot, after formerly only being available through Verdansk’s Buy Stations. This means that, instead of shelling out the $4,500 to give yourself a second chance once downed, players can save some of their money in Season 6.

Another one you can find that is also (somewhat) purchasable is the Advanced UAV, which usually can be activated for $12,000 by buying three UAVs, but now can be found in bunkers as well. Most notably, it can sometimes be found in the easter egg hunt’s bunker.

But two other, much rarer killstreaks are also available in the game now. As noted by adventurous players, there are absurdly powerful Foresight and Specialist killstreaks to be found, albeit with incredibly low spawn rates in Verdansk’s bunkers.


The former lets you see every single coming circle for the game, like a souped-up Recon contract, while the latter gives a player all of the game’s perks at once.

Map changes (and creepy children)


A few subtle map changes have been discovered by players across Verdansk. The Air Traffic Control Tower, overlooking the Airport POI, has had its interior slightly revamped so that it is less cluttered when players ascend through the elevator shaft and reach the stairway just before the spot so many love to camp.

In another very light adjustment, the game’s relatively recent train (which is fitted with a variety of high-tier loot) no longer spawns at the exact same spot and instead starts at a rotation of locations.


The last noteworthy change to the map is an October-themed audio one that foreshadows Infinity Ward’s Halloween plans. When walking around the map, most prominently in the forested areas by Lumber and Stadium, players have heard a creepy child’s laughter, bringing spooky Zombies vibes.

Season 6 Subway easter egg hunt

Infinity Ward
The subway in Warzone is deeply involved in a new Season 6 easter egg hunt.

Like most of the game’s easter eggs, the developers have slid in a secret set of clues that players can follow in order to obtain loot like the aforementioned Foresight killstreak, a Juggernaut suit, and the Firebrand Bruen MK9 Legendary Blueprint.


You can find exact instructions for accomplishing the easter egg hunt here, but, as a preview, it involves the subway system, cryptic codes, and in-game paintings. 

For now, these are all of the secret changes that fans have found hidden amongst Warzone’s offerings. But we’ll be monitoring and exploring Verdansk, so make sure to follow us on Twitter @DexertoINTEL as it’s always possible that more get discovered in the lead-up to Halloween.

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Weird Warzone glitch forces players into hearing never-ending rock music

Published: 13/Oct/2020 12:35

by James Busby


Warzone players have been rocking out to the game’s new vehicle music as they drive through the frozen fields of Verdansk. However, for some, these catchy tunes never end.

There’s no denying that Warzone Season 6 has had its fair share of problems. Aside from the train station teething problems and return of the ‘demon gun’ texture glitch, there have been some new additions to the seemingly ever-growing bugfix list.


So far, Activision has had to fix an overpowered bug that allowed the AS VAL to shoot through unlimited walls, a game-breaking unlimited Stim glitch, and now Modern Warfare fans are reporting a rock and roll related problem. 

While Warzone’s new music tracks certainly liven up your drive time commutes across Verdansk, they can also pose a risk to your game-winning plays. This is particularly true when the music in question doesn’t actually stop. The continuous blare of heavy rock certainly gets us pumped in games like DOOM, but it really doesn’t help in FPS titles like Warzone where you need to hear enemy footsteps. 


What is the Warzone music glitch? 

The addition of playable vehicle music certainly isn’t a new feature in Warzone – in fact, players have been able to equip certain CoD related tracks since Season 5. However, music fans can now listen to their favorite tracks from the likes of DMX, Skrillex, Jack Harlow, and iconic themes from across the Call of Duty series. 

Unfortunately, these tunes have caused a rather interesting and mildly infuriating glitch. The bug seems to happen when you or any of your squadmates have any of the game’s War Tracks equipped and enter a vehicle. While this bug may not be that bad when listening to the game’s quieter tracks, things can get incredibly frustrating when the heavy metal Juggernaut theme plays on a loop.

You may be tempted to blow up your vehicle or drive it off the nearest cliff edge, but even this won’t stop the never-ending audio. Some players have reported that they still hear vehicle music, even when they have the audio option turned off in the game’s settings. “The rock music won’t stop, even after getting out of the vehicle. To top it off, my teammate and I had already turned the audio off before the game,” says one frustrated player


“After it just wouldn’t stop and we couldn’t hear A THING, we even destroyed the vehicle in hopes it would quiet down. Ultimately, we just disconnected when we couldn’t take it anymore.” Some Warzone players have even reported that they managed to get to the final ring with the same heavy rock track blaring down their earphones. 

How to fix the Warzone vehicle music glitch

Modern Warfare Juggernaut
Activision / Infinity Ward
It seems the Juggernaut War Track is the most common offender.

Fortunately, some crafty players have discovered that you can fix this pesky audio issue by selecting the Black Ops music pack from the War Tracks menu. Meanwhile, if you encounter the problem mid-game, simply enter another vehicle in the hopes that it fixes the never-ending audio loop. 

There have even been reports that constantly getting in and out of the offending vehicle will eventually fix the issue. Of course, your experience may vary and some of these fixes may not work. Warzone Season 6 certainly seems to be off to a rocky start and it looks like we’ll just have to wait until Activision officially fixes this audio issue in a future patch. 


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