Activision reaffirms plans for new “premium” CoD game launching in 2023


Activision has doubled down and reaffirmed that a new “full annual premium release” is coming to the Call of Duty franchise in fall 2023.

Conflicting reports shroud Call of Duty’s future in doubt. During a Q2 earnings meeting in August 2022, Activision implied the existence of a new CoD title for 2023 by stating, “development of new premium content planned for 2023 and beyond.”

CoD insider CharlieINTEL clarified premium content has equated to new titles in the past. However, it could also mean a smaller bundle of content released as DLC for Modern Warfare 2. Questions arose about who would create the next series entry. Infinity Ward developed Modern Warfare 2, and we know Treyarch is taking the helm for CoD 2024.

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In October 2022, CoD leaker RalphsValve claimed Sledgehammer Games is developing Advanced Warfare 2. CharlieINTEL shut down rumors of an Advanced Warfare sequel but couldn’t verify Sledgehammer’s next project. Now, Activision has reaffirmed plans for a new premium release of sorts in 2023.

Activision reiterates 2023 CoD plans


On February 6, Activision stated, “with 2023 plans including even more engaging live services across platforms and the next full annual premium release in the blockbuster series.”

CharlieINTEL mentioned a report by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, stating, “this fall’s title would be an expansion to Modern Warfare 2 from Sledgehammer Games.”

Schrier doubled down on his initial findings and said 2023’s project is “a continuation of MW2.”

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For 17 straight years, Activision released a new CoD title annually, cycling through Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer. Modern Warfare 2 could be the first title in series history to receive a two-year life cycle.

In October 2022, Cod Leaker TheGhostofHope leaked an expansion coming to Modern Warfare 2 in 2023; a paid “greatest hits map pack” featuring classic maps from Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer’s catalog, celebrating the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

Longtime CoD fans would relish the opportunity to play a remastered version of London Docks, Nuketown, Firing Range, and Fringe on Modern Warfare 2.

However, all rumors must be taken with a pinch of salt, and we will provide an update when Activision sheds more light on CoD’s future.

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