Activision finally adds CDL Moshpit and fans are ecstatic


The CDL Moshpit playlist is finally live in Modern Warfare 2, scratching a long-overdue itch for competitive fans.

The CoD esports season started turbulently, to say the least. The CDL maps changed dramatically after massive backlash from pros, and private match issues made it a headache for pros to practice.

Issues also plagued competitive fans. Activision developed a CDL Moshpit playlist to help bridge the gap for players before Ranked play launches in 2023, but the mode was delayed.

The Moshpit playlist features the same map pool, game modes, and ruleset as Ranked Play without an official ELO system. Players can start officially earning ELO points when Ranked Play launches in 2023.

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Finally, after a two-week delay, Activision released the Moshpit playlist, perfectly coinciding with the start of the 2023 CDL season.

Modern Warfare 2 nuke recordActivison
Players can officially squad up with friends and play the CDL Moshpit playlist.

The CDL Major 1 qualifiers begin on December 2, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than playing the CDL Moshpit playlist with friends?

Treyarch confirmed on December 1 that the Moshpit playlist is live in MW2. The developers noted that the Moshpit and CDL Private matches share loadouts.

“We recommend players create their preferred loadouts in a CDL Private Match lobby.”

So what makes CDL Moshpit different from standard quick play? as part of the CDL ruleset, all shotguns, LMGs, Battle Rifles, and Marksman Rifles are banned. Not to mention a long list of equipment and perks are banned as well.

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Games are 4v4 instead of 6v6, and the only three supported modes include Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Control. Lastly, the ruleset cuts out a few maps from the rotation.

Fans were over the moon after seeing the announcement.

One user commented, “such an enormous W from Treyarch.” A second player added, “W move. Thanks, crew. The weekend just got busy.”