Envoy claims Major 1 Qualifiers will be played without CDL ruleset

Envoy of the Los Angeles ThievesTwitter: DylanEnvoy

Los Angeles Thieves’ Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon believes that Call of Duty League Major 1’s online qualifiers will be played without an official CDL ruleset in the game.

The online qualifier portion of Major 1 kicks off on December 2 and will determine the seeding for the Pro-Am style event in Raleigh, North Carolina, two weeks later.

These matches represent the first official League action since Envoy’s squad claimed the biggest prize of them all back in the final event of Vanguard season, and while that’s typically an exciting prospect for competitors across the board, the removal of the CDL rules from Modern Warfare 2 could be a heavy blow for an already beleaguered game.

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Envoy believes MW2’s first CDL online qualifiers could be played without pro ruleset

Hannon announced over on Twitter when discussing what it’s been like to scrimmage against other teams for the first time since the CDL rules were pulled from private matches in the Season 1 update.

“CDL Rules won’t be back until after matches start. That means Control won’t give extra time per tick, and we have to use Ultimate Perks after not for the first couple of weeks. New Spawns as well,” he said.

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As he stated in the tweet, these changes come after several weeks of getting used to each game type, as they will be played when the rules are back, meaning every team will have to readjust for these unexpected difficulties.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear why the rules were removed from the game, but many have pointed to issues with the now-delayed CDL Moshpit game mode that was supposed to arrive with Season 1 as a contributing factor.

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