Treyarch confirm Modern Warfare 2 ranked play for 2023

modern warfare 2 operators in helicopterActivision

Treyarch, the development studio behind all of the Black Ops games and the ranked play system utilized in Vanguard, has announced that they’re developing ranked play for Modern Warfare 2, and given a timeline for its launch too.

Ranked play is a staple of almost all competitive shooters in the modern day, with players looking to work their way up the ranks and, hopefully, climb the ladder enough to hang with some of the greatest players in the game.

The feature is one that hasn’t always been present in CoD, and certainly not at launch in the games it has been in, much to the ire of competitive players who want to hop straight into the sweatiest of games and get their rank.

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While there has been a lot of speculation over the state of ranked play in MW2, and when it might arrive in-game, Treyarch has confirmed the mode’s impending arrival in 2023, though no exact date has been set yet.

This follows rumors surrounding when the mode will drop, with some believing that it could come alongside the launch of the Call of Duty League, with Major 1 taking place from December 15-18.

Unfortunately, competitive players will have to wait a little longer than that to earn their ranks. But, a compromise is in place, as Infinity Ward will be implementing a CDL Moshpit playlist, coming sooner so as to let players grind out matches following the as-yet-unannounced CoD League ruleset in an unranked setting.

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The CDL Moshpit playlist will be live in Modern Warfare 2 from November 16, the launch date for Warzone 2. It should give players their first taste of competitive MW2 play and follow the CDL Ruleset.