Activision confirm Infinity Ward will lead Warzone 2 & CoD 2022 development

. 5 months ago
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Activision Blizzard have officially confirmed that Infinity Ward, who developed Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone, will be leading development for both CoD 2022 (titled Modern Warfare II) and Warzone 2.

Despite pro players’ issues with Modern Warfare 2019, it was one of the most popular titles in the franchise’s history. With an engine so highly esteemed that it provided the basis for MW19, Warzone, and 2021’s Vanguard – it’s clear that Infinity Ward built something people enjoyed.

Following on MW19 and Warzone’s massive successes, Activision Blizzard have now formally announced that IW will also be heading up development for CoD 2022 and Warzone 2.

In a February 2022 earnings release, the company explained their plans for CoD in the upcoming year. Likely to the delight of many fans, they confirmed earlier rumors about Modern Warfare II and Warzone’s sequel.

Activision announce Infinity Ward as developers for CoD 2022 & Warzone 2

In the earnings release, Activision dove into the upcoming plans for both CoD’s paid and free-to-play titles: “Development on this year’s premium and Warzone experiences is being led by Activision’s renowned Infinity Ward studio.”

Elaborating, the company claimed that Infinity Ward are “working on the most ambitious plan in franchise history, with industry-leading innovation and a broadly appealing franchise setting.”

CoD fans thrilled by return of Infinity Ward for MWII & Warzone 2

In response to the news, the community seemed ecstatic. Some have called IW their “saviors,” with others calling the developers “legendary” and hoping they’ll be able to “save us.”

Earlier leaks have already tied IW to the next CoD title, even discussing the maps players should expect in Modern Warfare II and details about the next Warzone map’s features.

Still, this is the first official confirmation of those earlier reports. With Activision also explaining that Vanguard and Warzone have struggled recently, there is data to support the sentiments of those fans hoping for saviors.

As the year progresses, we’re likely to hear more about what Infinity Ward are planning to deliver. On their end, they’ve simply told players to “stay frosty.”

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