Warzone 2 leak reveals possible release date and massive changes


A notorious Call of Duty leaker has revealed what players can expect from the reported Warzone 2, including potential release dates and some of the major changes coming to the battle royale hit.

Warzone has been a wild success for the Call of Duty franchise, becoming one of the most popular games in the world with a huge player base and online viewership.

That’s why reports of a sequel, referred to only as Warzone 2, surprised many. While there are clearly issues to be fixed in the game, not many were expecting to see a full-blown sequel for a long time, if at all.

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Now, we’ve got more details and even a possible scheduled release date to look forward to.

Warzone gameplayActivision
Players have been hoping to see Verdansk come back to Warzone — but we’re probably getting a new game entirely.

It was reported that Warzone 2 will be a “clean slate” for the game, though it wasn’t quite clear what exactly that meant, as well as the original reports suggesting a 2023 launch.

Now, leaker Tom Henderson has given a little more clarity on the situation, what exactly Warzone 2 is, and what he’s heard regarding the potential release date.

“It’s [Infinity Ward’s] Warzone map that is set to be a ‘clean slate’ for Warzone and was scheduled to release in Holiday ‘22,” he said on January 27. “‘Clean slate’ means starting again, scrapping everything like weapons, operators, etc.”

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He continued: “This map was last mentioned to release in Holiday ‘22 just 6 weeks ago, indicating things are being shaken up if this is the ‘Warzone 2’ that was being referenced…”

Finally, he calmed the concerns of those who love Warzone as it is, saying that “legacy Warzone will still remain, but Warzone 2 is coming.”

In essence, Warzone 2 is likely going to be a brand new CoD game, following in the same vein as Warzone but in a completely new way, similar to the annual multiplayer releases.

It will be interesting to see how exactly this plays out, especially if the planned Holiday 2022 release date is stuck by. In that case, it might not be long before we get the chance to play an entirely new Warzone experience.

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