SuperEvan & DiazBiffle win $75K Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown: Final Placements

Brad Norton
Warzone Twitch Rivals August
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Another round of Twitch Rivals Warzone action is now in the books as this time, it was the Duo of SuperEvan & DiazBiffle that closed out the overall win in the $75,000 tournament.

  • SuperEvan & DiazBiffle finish first and take out $15,000 prize.
  • Team Frozone & Team Knight round out the Top 3.
  • Shroud made his Warzone return, teaming with HusKerrs.

In a month absolutely loaded with high-stakes Warzone events, Twitch closed things out with a bang as another $75K was on the line through the latest Twitch Rivals event.

Ultimately, it was Team SuperEvan that secured the top spot, but here’s a complete recap of how the major event unfolded to get you caught up.

Twitch Rivals $75K Warzone Showdown: Final Placements (Top 10)

Placement Team Points Prize
1st Team SuperEvan 100.3 $15,000
2nd Team Frozone 87.6 $8,000
3rd Team Knight 61.4 $6,000
4th Team Tommey 58.9 $5,000
5th Team TheBoiSantana 54.4 $4,000
6th Team Nickool 54 $3,000
7th Team MuTeX 53.5 $3,000
8th Team Bloo 52 $2,000
9th Team news 51,9 $2,000
10th Team itsEyeQew 51,9 $2,000

Twitch Rivals $75K Warzone Showdown: Results & Recap

With dozens of Duos dropping into a custom lobby, each and every game was a true sweat-fest for this Twitch Rivals event. While many were quick to complain about the crowded lobbies, and various players backed out of the tournament early, action continued through all five rounds nonetheless.

Early frontrunners emerged as veteran competitors like Biffle, SuperEvan, and MuTeX all pushed the pace throughout the first few lobbies. High-kill games and late finishes all led to Top 5 placements ahead of the final round.

Meanwhile, shroud’s Warzone return didn’t quite go according to plan as the stacked lobbies proved challenging for the FPS phenom and his partner HusKerrs who sat towards the middle of the pack throughout the event.

Ultimately, it was a race to the finish with multiple teams in contention but none could overcome SuperEvan & DiazBiffle as they closed out the final round with a bang to take out the top spot.

$75K Warzone Twitch Rivals Showdown: Streams & Schedule

This month’s Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown kicked off on Wednesday, August 25 with EU competing first at 7AM PT before NA took over at 2PM PT.

Five custom games were in the schedule, meaning the event ran for roughly five hours in total. 

The official Twitch Rivals channel served as a hub throughout the event, helping fans keep on top of the private lobby chaos. Though viewers could always tune into their favorite streamers directly if they preferred.

$75K Warzone Twitch Rivals Showdown: Format & Prizing

The latest Twitch Rivals event dropped Duos into multiple rounds of private lobby action.

Throughout each custom game, players were awarded points for kills with multipliers then applied based on their final placement. Below is a full breakdown of the scoring structure for each game.

Placement Kill Multiplier
1st 2.0x
2-5th 1.5x
6-15th 1.3x
16-25th 1.1x
26th+ 1.0x

Teams were competing for a whopping $75,000 prize pool once again, with every single team walking away with some amount of cash in their pockets.

You can find the full prize pool breakdown below.

Overall Placement Prize
1st $15,000
2nd $8,000
3rd $6,000
4th $5,000
5th $4,000
6th-7th $3,000
8th-10th $2,000
11th-15th $1,000
16th-20th $650
21st-25th $550
26th-30th $450
31st-35th $350
36th-40th $300
41st-47th $250

$75K Warzone Twitch Rivals Showdown: Teams & Players

With the latest round of Twitch Rivals action, the usual suspects were involved with Warzone superstars like Biffle and Repullze making an appearance. Though we also saw some popular Twitch streamers like shroud make a return to Warzone in the biggest way possible.

Below is a full overview of every confirmed Duo for the Twitch Rivals Warzone event.

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