Call of Duty

The 5 most overpowered guns in Call of Duty history

by Paul Cot


The iconic Call of Duty franchise has had many guns over its history, but some have been so powerful that you have virtually no choice but to use them. Here are the five most powerful Call of Duty guns in history.


5. SPAS - Cod Modern Warfare 2

Shotguns have been hit and miss in the Call of Duty series but in the case of the SPAS-12 it was almost always hit. Excluding weapons that had been patched, the SPAS-12 was the height of shotgun power.

With the popular perk stopping-power, the SPAS was frequently a one-shot kill. In addition to this it was often referred to as the SPAS sniper, a testament to just how far its shot could reach. In reality, its range was just shorter than that of a close range SMG. They don't make shotguns like the SPAS anymore and there's a reason why.

The SPAS "Sniper" is arguably the most powerful shotgun in CoD history...


4. M16 - Cod Modern Warfare

Burst guns aren't always the weapons of choice in Call of Duty games. However, the first edition of Modern Warfare was ruled by one.

The M16 was consistently a one-shot (or one burst) kill providing all three bullets hit the opponent. Consequently, it wouldn't be uncommon to see the majority of a lobby using it.

It isn't used quite as much in Modern Warfare Remastered. Whether this is because it's less powerful, a preference thing, COD players preferring an automatic weapon, or because new weapons have since been introduced, is uncertain.

The M16 in the first Modern Warfare game...


3. Famas - CoD Black Ops 1

The Famas was the complete all-round weapon in BO1. Its decent rate of fire, supplemented by limited recoil, meant it was the go-to weapon in both casual and competitive play.

It became so clear that it was the best weapon that it was often the only weapon used in MLG competitions. Eventually, it was considered so over-powered that it was actually banned in EU competition. Here is professional Call of Duty player Seth 'Scump' Abner showing just how good it can be.


2. MP40 - CoD World at War

Call of Duty WaW was at the stage in the COD series where the developers hadn't quite figured how to limit the range of sub-machine guns. Consequently, the MP40 with its minimal recoil and blistering power was a nightmare to face.

In the words of MarleyThirteen, "Hitler himself would see gameplay of the MP40 in World at War and he'd think, nah that's too over-powered, that thing needs patched."


1. UMP - CoD Modern Warfare 2

The most used and effective gun in Call of Duty history appears on perhaps the most popular CoD game ever. To this date, fans are clamoring for a MW2 remaster. Thanks for Xbox One backwards compatibility lobbies are still available for the 2009 classic today.

MW2 provided a host of classic weapons which kept players engaged for years after its release. The go to weapon for most, especially on the competitive scene, was the UMP.

The UMP-45, the ultimate Call of Duty weapon?

On hardcore mode, which was far more popular during this time, there was no competition. It's mobility and one-shot kill from any distance rendered all other guns practically useless.

Furthermore, rapid-fire controllers were also more common. This resulted in the only negative aspect of the UMP, its recoil, being made completely redundant. Coming up against a rapid-fire controlled UMP in core mode was so powerful it was almost unfair.