Elle Brooke boxing record after Paige Vanzant draw at Misfits Series X 015

Matt Hobkinson
Elle Brooke

Elle Brooke and Paige VanZant went toe-to-toe as they headlined Misfits Boxing’s Series X 015 event on May 25.

Brooke, 26, retained the Misfits Boxing women’s middleweight title after a split decision draw with VanZant, with a rematch now looking likely against the former UFC star and bare-knuckle boxer.

Ahead of a potential rematch, here is Brooke’s overall boxing record and the opponents she has faced on her way to the crown at 125 pounds.

Elle Brooke boxing record

Overall, Elle Brooke’s boxing record in full stands at 4-1-1: four wins, one defeat and one draw, with two victories by knockout along the way.

Only Jully Poca, our number one ranked pound for pound boxer on the influencer scene, has managed to get the better of Brooke inside the boxing ring.

AJ Bunker, 2022

Brooke made her boxing debut in July 2022 with a unanimous decision victory over AJ Bunker.

Bunker stepped in at late notice and it showed as Brooke’s technique shone through compared to that of her opponent on her way to a points win after their four-round bout.

After the fight, the content creator expressed her disappointment at not being able to land a knockout punch, but her opponent left the ring convinced that she had done enough, with Bunker going to claim that she wanted a rematch “when I can have more than two weeks’ notice.”

Faith Ordway, 2023

If Brooke was annoyed that she failed to land a knockout blow in her last fight, she would be all smiles after her bout with influencer Faith Ordway.

After an explosive start to the fight, a flurry of punches from Brooke left the referee with no choice but to stop the contest inside the first round.

Ordway was frustrated by the decision as he questioned why the fight was brought to a premature end, but with blood pouring from her face and Brooke landing some vicious shots, it was a matter of time before the referee stepped in.

Aleksandra Daniel, 2023

After breezing through her fight against Ordway, Brooke would be tested against Aleksandra Daniel (aka Ms Danielka) in the quarter-finals of the Kingpyn High Stakes tournament.

Many thought that Brooke would walk the fight, but she got as good as she gave from her Polish opponent, who grew into the contest as the bout drew on.

However, Brooke more than won over the judges – who were clearly impressed with the Brit’s technique and consistent use of the jab – as she was won by unanimous decision.

Jully Poca, 2023

On July 15, 2023, Brooke suffered her first – and so far, only – defeat of her career at the hands of Jully Poca.

Poca held a significant reach advantage over her opponent that proved to be too big a gap for Brooke to overcome as the Brazilian romped home to a unanimous decision win.

But it would not be long before Brooke got back to winning ways against a familiar opponent…

AJ Bunker 2, 2024

The rematch to crown the Misfits Boxing women’s middleweight title.

Despite losing to Brooke back in 2022, Bunker came into the fight with the belt. But a monster right hand from the 26-year-old left her opponent flat on the canvas in the third round.

Although Bunker, a former Love Island star, would rise to her feet during the count, the referee saw that although someone was at home, the lights weren’t on, as he drew a close to the fight and crowned Brooke as the new champion at 125 pounds.

Paige Vanzant, 2024

Brooke faced her biggest test yet when she took on the former UFC star in a headline show in Houston, Texas, in what was classed as her first professional fight.

The 26-year-old had promised to show her qualities against a fully fledged professional opponent and she did just that, sending Vanzant to the canvas with a crushing right hand in the first round.

Vanzant fought her way back into the fight and earned a split decision draw but both fighters have now called for a rematch. Brooke has called for Vanzant to come to London, and the 30-year-old has suggested an August fight date at London’s O2 Arena.

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