Misfits & DAZN X Series 013 ‘Outnumbered’: Stream, fight card & results

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Misfits and DAZN returned to putting influencers in the ring with X Series 013, with the main event seeing up-and-comer ‘Fox The G’ face off against not just one, but two opponents. Here’s what you need to know.

KSI’s Misfits Boxing has taken the influencer boxing world to the next level since signing a five-year deal with streaming platform DAZN in early 2023.

Throughout 2023, we saw more influencers than ever putting on their gloves and stepping into the ring, with Misfits putting on a staggering eight events. Here’s everything there is to know about the Misfits and DAZN X Series 013 event.

When was Misfits & DAZN X Series 013

Misfits & DAZN X Series 013 took place on Saturday, March 23, 2024.

How to watch Misfits & DAZN X Series 013

The Misfits & DAZN X Series 013 ‘Outnumbered’ event took place in Nashville, Tennessee at the Worldwide Stages venue.

Alternatively, fans could tune into the Misfits & DAZN X Series 013 ‘Outnumbered’ event from the comfort of their home via the DAZN app. Although, you’d need to purchase a subscription to watch along.

US citizens can tune in for a $19.99 monthly fee, while UK viewers can get a 12-month monthly saver deal at £9.99 per month or choose a £19.99 monthly rate.

Misfits & DAZN X Series 013 fight card & results

Fans were expecting to see up-and-coming Misfits fighter ‘Fox The G’ face off against not just one, but two opponents at the same time at X Series 013.

The 18-year-old recently made his debut on Misfits 012 — and left viewers stunned and wanting more after taking down Small Spartan Jay. However, ultimately Most Wanted pulled out of the fight late, leaving Fox to take on Evil Hero.

Below is the X Series 013 fight card and results:

X Series 013 fight cardResult
Fox The G vs. Evil Hero Fox The G
Vitaly vs. ModeenVitaly
Chris Avila vs. Jake BostwickChris Avila
Joey Knight vs. Baby HulkJoey Knight
Nikki Hru vs. Alexia GraceNikki Hru
Tayler Holder vs. DWG EarthTayler Holder
Yuddy Gang vs. Lil CraCra*No Contest*

Besides the main event, X Series 013 kicked off the MFB Lightweight interim title tournament, with Joey Knight taking on Baby Hulk, while Lil CraCra touched gloves with Yuddy Gang in the quarter-final rounds.

X Series 013 also saw Russian YouTube star Vitaly return to the ring over two years since touching gloves with Kristen Hanby in his debut, which ended in a draw. This time around, Vitaly stepped into the ring with Modeen.

The Female Lightweight title was up for grabs on March 23, where Nikki Hru and Alexia Grace battled it out. Not only that, Bare Knuckle fighter Jake Bostwick jumped into the influencer boxing world on the card, facing MMA fighter and boxer Chris Avila.

Tayler Holder also made his long-awaited return after a three-year absence from the boxing ring, where in 2021, he went blow-for-blow with AnEsonGib. The X Series 013 card saw him facing DWG Earth.

That’s all regarding the Misfits & DAZN X Series 013 event. For more influencer boxing matches taking place this year, be sure to check out our hub right here on Dexerto to stay tuned to all the best fights.

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