YouTuber JackFrags reveals trick to get flying tanks in Battlefield 2042


Aerial warfare has been given a new meaning in Battlefield 2042. Streamer and content creator JackFrags found a clever way to manipulate the air space with a flying tank.

One of the unique elements in the Battlefield franchise is the way in which you can approach combat. You can be a traditional ground soldier rocking an Assault Rifle, or you can become a master of the game’s vehicles. One of these is a good ol’ fashioned tank, an almost impenetrable hunk of metal with a big gun.

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They’re great for taking out infantry, blowing holes through walls, and eradicating other vehicular foes. Tanks are traditionally known for being excellent on the ground, but JackFrags managed to diversify its capabilities.

a ank in action in battlefield 2042EA
You have more chance of seeing a flying tank than a flying pig in Battlefield 2042.

In one of his recent Battlefield 2042 videos, JackFrags and other streamers demonstrated how to create a flying tank. The weird thing is, it’s apparently not even that hard to make one.

The process involved having a fully-functioning VTOL Jet at the ready, and of course, a tank. There were two different ways they went about creating this unorthodox vehicle, with one being far simpler than the other.

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The first way was to position the VTOL at an angle on the ground and have the tank drive onto it. The much easier method involved calling in a tank using the vehicle delivery service, making sure it was aligned with the VTOL.

The vehicle itself didn’t actually prove to be all that effective to use and was hard to keep on the VTOL. Nevertheless, the streamers had fun using the inventive creation and flying tanks could be a welcome change from endless Hovercrafts.

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Given how creative the Battlefield community is, you can imagine flying tanks being the basis for many Battlefield 2042 compilations.

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