Battlefield 2042 players have found ridiculous way to launch themselves across the map

Battlefield 2042 artworkElectronic Arts

An insane Battlefield 2042 movement trick is enabling players to launch themselves across any given map in just a matter of seconds.

Battlefield 2042 certainly isn’t the most polished FPS on the market today. We’ve already seen a plethora of glitches impacting the online experience, ranging from hilarious to game-breaking. Although devs have already mapped out dozens of fixes and improvements in the works, the issues just keep piling up.

While the latest problem in 2042 doesn’t exactly ruin the game, it could give you a huge leg up in the right situation; if you can actually get it under control.

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Battlefield 2042 gameplayElectronic Arts
Using Sundance and triggering this bug will send you flying across any map in Battlefield 2042.

If you happen to be running downhill, there’s a simple yet wildly effective way to boost your movement speed. Just jumping and hitting your melee button in midair is enough to apply a huge buff.

“You character gets accelerated wherever the slope is pointing,” Reddit user ‘alexstathis’ pointed out on November 29. Repeating this trick over and over again is enough to send you flying across any given map.

Just three or four jumps in a row and you’ll be plummeting downhill as if you were shot out of a cannon. This could be enough of a trick in its own right to get you flanking behind enemy lines. But it’s made even better with the right Specialist.

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Abusing this trick with Sundance and her Wingsuit lets you soar through the air without a hassle. In barely a few seconds of buildup, you’ll be able to navigate just about anywhere on the map.

Not only is this effective when scouting enemy squads, but it can also get you out of a rough situation. If teams are closing in, a few simple melee animations and you can be on your way to safety.

Given this latest movement trick isn’t yet on EA’s radar, it could be a while before a fix is implemented. Expect to see plenty of Sundance Specialists loading into every map for the next few weeks as a result.

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