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How many people play Battlefield 4? Player count in 2021

Published: 19/Nov/2021 1:11 Updated: 19/Nov/2021 1:25

by Sam Comrie


After veering away from modern-day warfare for a few years, Battlefield 2042 is set to revamp the franchise. But players are still looking to get their Battlefield 4 so here’s what the player count looks like in 2021. 

The anticipation for Battlefield 2042 is growing by the day, as the November 19 launch date draws closer. With the last two entries of the franchise taking players back to the muddy trenches of the first two World Wars, it has been quite some time since Battlefield had a modern-day edge to it.

While others are still fleeting to Battlefield 5 for their large-scale skirmishes, others are heading back to the near-futuristic confines of Battlefield 4. Just how many people are playing Battlefield 4 in 2021 and could this loyal following decrease significantly? Let’s take a look at Battlefield 4’s player count.


battlefield 2042 pre order
Battlefield 2042 arrives on November 19.

How many people are playing Battlefield 4?

Available stats from Steam Charts show the average player count for Battlefield 4 is 3,212 concurrent players, on that platform only.

Released in 2013, Battlefield 4 expanded upon the modern take of warfare that its predecessor sought to explore. The game is still going strong, with plenty of players heading up its servers. However, due to the constant fluxation of its player population, it is near impossible to get an exact reading. Stats are not available for all platforms either.

However, with some metrics and tracking assistance, we can get a glimpse into Battlefield 4’s fanbase. Within the last 30 days at the time of writing, the average player count according to Steam Charts was 3,212. With a decrease of 1,714 from October’s 4,926. Additionally, the player base has peaked at 12,342 for 2021.


Battlefield 5 WWII AR
Despite a rocky launch, Battlefield 5 is still retaining players.

Battlefield 4 player count vs other Battlefield games

Comparatively, Battlefield 5 has managed to retain a player count of “18,475 monthly players”, which is significantly more than the 2013 entry. Dropping Battlefield 5 on PlayStation Plus for free has also helped to bring in new players.

Naturally, as the game is older, more players will be dropping into entries that are more recent.

It’s also worth noting the near-arrival of Battlefield 2042 which could see players abandon the previous Battlefield titles to try out the newest version.