Is Battlefield 2042 coming to Xbox Game Pass?


Battlefield 2042 is the latest multiplayer shooter from DICE, but is it on Xbox Game Pass, or coming to the service anytime soon?

The latest entry in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 2042, is an online shooter set in the future. The game abandons the historic settings of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5, and returns to a post-modern setting, not unlike Battlefield 4. Since the game’s release, players have been wondering when and if Battlefield 2042 will come to Xbox Game Pass.

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battlefield 2042 logoEA
Battlefield 2042 would be an excellent fit on Xbox Game Pass.

Is Battlefield 2042 on Xbox Game Pass?

Not yet, but Battlefield 2042 will be coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate soon. It will be arriving via EA Play when the game releases its third season.

While there hasn’t been a definitive release date for this announcement, we know owners of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to enjoy the title for free soon.

an image of battlefield 2042 on xbox game passXGP, EA DICE
Battlefield 2042 has been spotted as coming to Xbox Game Pass, through the Xbox Store.

Will Battlefield 2042 come to Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, and it’s likely coming very soon, with the notion of the new season approaching imminently. On November 10, 2022, EA confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will be coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at the beginning of Season 3. The game will be available for all subscribers with EA Access.

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Most Battlefield games end up on Xbox Game Pass eventually.

Battlefield 2042 free trial

Along with the announcement of Battlefield 2042 coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate soon, EA also announced a series of free trials for PC, Xbox, and Playstation. So, those who don’t have Ultimate can try before they buy. The free trials are happening as follows:

  • Steam: December 1-5
  • Xbox: December 1-4
  • PlayStation: December 16-23

What is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is a paid monthly service that allows Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC owners, and mobile owners to download and play as many games as they like.

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Subscribers don’t need to buy or rent the games; they simply have access to a growing catalog of titles to play anytime. This is provided they remain an active subscriber.

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