Shroud rages at "trash" Battlefield V after ridiculous bug ruins match - Dexerto

Shroud rages at “trash” Battlefield V after ridiculous bug ruins match

Published: 8/Aug/2019 10:10 Updated: 8/Aug/2019 10:23

by Matt Porter


Michael ‘Battlefield V, no matter how crispy his shot is.

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The former CS:GO pro has a massive following on Twitch, in part due to his immense skill with a mouse and keyboard, seemingly able to transition from one game to another without any sort of struggle to adapt.

Just because he’s brilliant doesn’t mean the games always work the way he wants them to though, as he found out on his return to Battlefield V when he encountered a V-1 Rocket bug that has been affecting the game for some time.

Respawn EntertainmentShroud was incensed when Battlefield V wouldn’t let him call in a V-1 Rocket.
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While playing during his August 7 stream, the Canadian found himself picking enemies off with ease, and after breaking through the 41,500 points barrier with his squad, found himself able to call in the V-1 Rocket, an explosive missile which can wipe out enemy opponents in one blast.


Unfortunately, as the 25-year-old attempted to call his streak in, he was struck by a bug which stopped him from raining fire down on his opponents, dying over and over again as his anger grew, and his bomb remained somewhere in the sky.

“Dude, call the… This game is just trash!” roared shroud in frustration. “Why is it so hard to call a fucking… fuck! Call V-1. Call V-1! I’m going to fucking break my everything. Ready, okay, V-1 Rocket. Woo, trash game! That still exists, even to this day!”

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Shroud was finally able to call in his V-1 and do some damage, before explaining how the infuriating bug works to his audience, who seemed confused by what had just happened.


The Twitch streamer explained: “So the bug is when you die with your binoculars out, and you get respawned, your binoculars are going to be back out, but you can’t actually aim. It’s literally the worst. It’s the worst that the bug is still a thing!”

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This issue was first reported back in November 2018, but DICE have yet to fix the bug, much to the annoyance of shroud.

Unsurprisingly, the Canadian didn’t remain on Battlefield V for too much longer, shutting it down after just one more match and heading back to Overwatch.