Warzone leaker reveals Battlefield vehicles & gameplay mechanics coming in Vanguard

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Call of Duty: Warzone fans have been enjoying a wide array of leaks for CoD 2021’s Vanguard integration and new details should only increase the hype. According to Tom Henderson, two key Battlefield-esque elements are coming to Warzone.

It’s undeniable that Warzone has lost some of the hype that it exponentially grew since releasing in May 2020. That regression can primarily be attributed to frustrations with minimal changes to the map and gameplay mechanics, alongside annoyance at hackers.

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The latter has already begun to improve, with news of a developing anti-cheat and stricter ban waves. As for the former, new leaks by reputable insider Tom Henderson bring details that FPS fans should most certainly be intrigued by.

Battlefield has long been a beloved shooter because of its realism and mechanical innovation. Now it appears that CoD is taking notice, as Henderson reveals two upcoming features: planes and destructible environments.

Planes coming to WW2 Warzone with Vanguard?

Not only does Henderson confirm earlier suspicions that the Vanguard map will be bigger (by about 33%), but he adds a key reason why players will need more space: planes.

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At the moment, the BR’s players can only get airborne by parachuting around the map or using helicopters. But planes are an entirely different beast and provide unique opportunities for gameplay that Battlefield players have long lorded over CoD fans.

Vanguard’s Warzone map primed for destruction

Possibly inspired by Battlefield or Rainbow Six Siege, Henderson also confirmed that the WW2 Warzone map will feature of destructible environment options. 

And he gave a very specific example: destroying the floorboards beneath you to drop to a lower floor.

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Both of these features should be very intriguing to Warzone and Battlefield fans alike. They’ve also each had previous mentions, as Henderson formerly suggested both could be making their way to Warzone back in June

With Vanguard’s reveal quickly approaching, it seems that the leaks have gotten more specific and… more Battlefield-inspired.