How to use Battlefield 2042’s Underbarrel Grenade Launcher attachment

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Our quick and easy guide will show you how to use and wreak havoc with the Underbarrel Grenade Launcher attachment in Battlefield 2042.

Underbarrel Grenade Launcher attachment is a fancy of saying ‘noob tube.’ OG Call of Duty online multiplayer aficionados will be familiar with this term as the early days of CoD were full of them. Players would spawn, spy a victim, get the noob tube out and fire in the vicinity of another player to score an easy kill, hence noob tube.

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The slightly more skilled players would use it effectively in Search and Destroy, and before the round began, they would already be pointing to a certain point in the sky to fire away when the round started.

They may not be as popular as they once were, but Battlefield 2042 players have been having a blast using them. While it won’t fix the game’s problems at present, equipping and the Grenade Launcher Underbarrel attachment in Battlefield 2042 can net you plenty of kills

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How to unlock Battlefield 2042’s Grenade Launcher attachment

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Getting kills with this beast should be a cakewalk.

Before we can even teach you the art of using the Grenade Launcher, you need to make it accessible in your loadouts first. To do this, you’ll need to “Defeat 180 enemies with the M5A3 Assault Rifle.”

It’s a popular Assault Rifle, and it shouldn’t take you too long to achieve this total. Once you do, you’ll gain access to the “40MM HE,” AKA the Grenade Launcher.

Battlefield 2042 Grenade Launcher Underbarrel attachment guide

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Like with any other attachments, the Grenade Launcher attachment needs to be selected for your loadout. Even if you are unable to do this before the start of a game, you’ll still be able to swap it out using Battlefield 2042’s Plus System.

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This is how to use the Grenade Launcher in Battlefield 2042:

  1. As an example, equip the M5A3 Assault Rifle with the 400MM HE attachment.
  2. Load into a game of Battlefield 2042.
  3. Console players need to press down on the D-Pad.
  4. PC players will need to use the X keybind.
  5. Once your Specialist has angled the weapon, fire away and create some explosive gameplay.

Obviously, the button press we’ve listed for each platform is the default choice. If you’ve changed your controls or keybindings, then you may need to adjust accordingly. The Underbarrel Grenade Launcher is great for crowd control, especially if a group of enemies are crowding an objective.

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