Hack seller warns Battlefield 2042 will be “f**ked” by cheaters like Warzone

Tank in Battlefield 2042EA

People hoping that Battlefield 2042 will not be ruined by cheaters like Call of Duty Warzone shouldn’t get their hopes up, a hack provider has warned.

Hackers and cheaters have been plaguing many games in the FPS genre for months, leaving fans upset and changing games in the process, like we’ve seen with streamers abandoning Warzone for the greener pastures of Apex Legends.

Now, before it’s even out, hacks are already available in Battlefield 2042 and cheaters are lining up in droves to get their hands on aimbots, radar cheats, and other nefarious tools.

Battlefield 2042 hacks already in high demand

Gaming insider Tom Henderson spoke with a cheat seller and shared their remarks on the cheats currently being advertised. Needless to say, it’s not looking good.

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“Yeah, that game is f**ked,” the hack provider said. “We have seen a 400% rise in website traffic and sign-ups in August over July, with a large amount of that coming from BF 2042 searches.”


It’s unclear if EA has anything up their sleeve to combat the hacker wave set to arrive upon Battlefield’s release.

Meanwhile, rival Activision has announced that the next Call of Duty title, Vanguard will arrive with anti-cheat for both it and Warzone.

Anti-cheat concerns raised

Henderson isn’t the only one to warn of an impending hackpocalypse in Battlefield 2042.

Watchdog group Anti-cheat Police Department also voiced concern, writing how if EA isn’t prepared, the game will “just end up like COD Warzone.”

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With Battlefield 2042 set to launch on October 22, this doesn’t give EA much time to figure out a strategy.

If cheats do end up plaguing the game, players on console may be best off disabling cross-platform play to avoid PC cheaters. PS5 and Xbox Series players will have the option to play with each other and PC players, however, PS4 and Xbox One users will be stuck playing with or against themselves.

In any case, we’ll have to see what the future has in store and if Battlefield can endure.