MW3 & Warzone Season 2 update reworks ADS and hipfire sway

John Esposito
MW3 Season 2 artwork

MW3’s Season 2 has a long list of changes in the patch notes, yet it’s the newly reworked ADS and hipfire sway that’s caught many off guard.

MW3 Season 2 is set to start in the first week of February, and with it comes the usual massive influx of content additions. New modes and maps freshen up the multiplayer and Warzone experiences, while new cosmetics and collabs will shuffle in throughout the season.

The patch notes for the season have arrived, and the list of changes is massive. Weapon nerfs and buffs, an improved health regeneration, and more highlight what players can expect.

In a twist nobody could’ve anticipated, Sledgehammer Games has reworked aiming in-game via an improved ADS and crosshair sway update.

Season 2 update introduces huge aiming changes

As mentioned, Season 2’s patch introduces reworks to ADS idle sway and crosshair sway, both pain points in the community in recent years due to the increased “realism” of CoD.

Before the update, ADS idle sway kicked in immediately, discouraging players from ADS’ing for too long. Now, it kicks in shortly after and will gradually increase in severity after three seconds have passed. Note that these changes do not impact Sniper Rifles.

On the other hand, hip fire sway has also seen adjustments. Before the update, a player’s crosshair would move while adjusting their camera, thus impacting their crosshair’s placement. That has been removed with the patch, with a video shared to Twitter/X by Sledgehammer Games showing both adjustments in action.

As mentioned by the developers, the changes are meant to remedy PC players’ issues with aiming. Leading up to the changes, many PC players felt aiming was off, although they couldn’t exactly explain why.

Player feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the replies sharing immense support for the changes. Twitch Partner Symfuhny, one of the many who felt aiming was off, shared: “NAH THIS IS CRAZY, LETS GOOOO.”

Sledgehammer Games mentioned some stock attachments do impact these changed stats but will be addressed in future updates. They’ll also continue to monitor player feedback as well, which will impact future changes needed.

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