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Apex Legends dev teases major Bangalore storyline starting in Season 6

Published: 13/Jul/2020 8:04 Updated: 10/Aug/2020 1:50

by Isaac McIntyre


Former IMC soldier and Apex Legends heroine Anita “Bangalore” Williams will be “front and center” in one of the battle royale’s new upcoming Season 6 storylines, Respawn writer Tom Casiello has revealed this week.

There are plenty of battle royales on the gaming market these days, but none focus on their characters quite like Apex Legends. Respawn’s popular title has a two dozen-strong roster of colorful cast-members, from fast-talking trickster Mirage and science-obsessed killer Caustic, to dimension-hopping Wraith.

The new ‘Broken Ghost’ quest lines gave nearly all of the characters even more development this season too. These short player-vs-enemy missions came packaged with well-received cut-scenes that told the story of each Legend.

Not all Legends have shared the spotlight equally in Apex’s first five seasons, however. Some, like Wraith and Bloodhound, have already got cinematic trailers telling their backstories. Others, like new characters Loba and Revenant, have been key figures in the Broken Ghost storyline.

Loba holds a flare over a Revenant body in Apex Legends.
Respawn Entertainment
The Loba vs Revenant storyline has dominated Apex Legends in the last two seasons.

Well-trained soldier Bangalore has been one of the characters without much love from Respawn so far. Apart from her military background, players don’t know a whole lot about Anita Williams, despite her status as a lunch Legend.

All that is set to change in Season 6, Battle royale writer Tom Casiello revealed earlier this week. Bangalore will most definitely be “front and center” during the next major storyline in Apex Legends, the penman confirmed.

“Now do you think we’d put our girl [Bangalore] front and center, only to just drop her in Season 6? Oh, ye, of little faith…” Casiello said in response to a fan on Twitter. “That tough ‘not here to make friends’ facade is just starting to crack. She’s letting her guard down a little. That means her journey’s just getting started!”

Casiello was relatively quiet about where the storyline first setup in Broken Ghost might go next season, and fair enough. Respawn has only just started building the Apex plot ⁠— they wouldn’t want to spoil it all just yet.

They haven’t really been shy about teasing new plot developments though. Last season Apex game director Chad Grenier promised Titanfall 2 fans they were “in for a pleasant surprise” in the near future. Soon after, subtle teasers relating to franchise villain Ash popped up in the Broken Ghost rewards.

These teasers could well be related to Bangalore’s upcoming Season 6 story too. Before she was a Legend, Williams was part of the IMC ⁠— just like Ash and Apex founder Blisk did years before ⁠— so it makes sense they could be linked.

There’s also a chance we see a different version of Bangalore all together. Casiello teased there were “an infinite number of realities” in the Apex universe, meaning the devs can really take the story wherever they want it to go.

Bangalore standing next to Apex Legends branding.
Respawn Entertainment
Bangalore has spent much of her Apex Legends life on the sideline.

Before Bangalore takes center stage in the next part of the Apex Legends story, Respawn has two other plots they have to bring to boil. One is the conclusion of the Broken Ghost. That is due out in-game on Wednesday, July 15.

The other is the mystery of the Kings Canyon bunkers and what Crypto is doing in the Games in the first place. The hacker has already received a coded message from his long-lost sister ⁠— what’s next for Apex’s Surveillance Expert.

Apex Legends

All confirmed buffs coming in Apex Legends Season 7

Published: 24/Oct/2020 11:12

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends Season 7 is almost here, and that means changes to characters. So, we’ve rounded up all the buffs that Respawn have confirmed so far.

With each new Apex Legends season, players are always looking forward to getting their hands on a new Legend as well as seeing what’s been changed to existing Legends, weapons, and items.

As Season 7 is on the horizon, Respawn have begun to roll out their teasers – with a familiar-looking UFO turning up on both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

Aside from that, the devs have also been planting seeds about what buffs and nerfs are coming in the new season. So, we’ve rounded up the buffs that we know about so far.


As one of Apex’s most popular characters, players have been desperate for Respawn to give Mirage a power increase, even after his abilities rework.

Those changes have always been on the horizon, as devs have answered numerous questions with positives answers about buffs, and those promises will finally come to fruition with the start of Season 7.

Daniel Klein, a game designer for Respawn, confirmed that they’ve been testing changes to his Life of the Party ult, so that could be the main change that the Holographic Trickster receives next season.

mirage in apex legends
Mirage is finally set to receive some changes.


Octane is also confirmed to be getting some positive treatment, but Respawn say it will only be a “tiny buff,” so no indication exactly what it will be yet. 


As for Rampart, while a buff has been confirmed, there haven’t been any hints as to what it could entail. Since her introduction, players have made a number of suggestions – including being able to move around while firing her minigun. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see on that front. 

Octane in Apex Legends
Octane will receive a “tiny buff” in Season 7.


Pathfinder will also be receiving a change to the cooldown on his grapple ability. However, the last time this was labeled a buff, it actually turned out to be a nerf


Not a buff as such, but Respawn have also confirmed that lots of progress has been made on audio problems, which have been plaguing the game for months, and these fixes will be coming in Season 7.

As for what else is coming in Season 7, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know here. We’ll just have to wait until November 4, when the new season starts, to see it all in action.