Apex Legends players discover “sentient” Extended Mag bug

Philip Trahan
apex legends L star reload animation

Some Apex Legends players have discovered a strange bug that made dropped Extended Mags “sentient,” causing them to move on their own.

Apex Legends Season 20 is underway and early impressions already have some players calling it the best season yet.

The Season 20 update introduced a plethora of changes to the game, including Legend buffs, weapon changes, system overhauls, and much more.

However, with any update patch comes the chance to introduce some bugs to the game, and Season 20 seems to be no exception. Fans have discovered a strange new glitch that appears to make dropped extended mags “sentient.”

Apex Legends fans uncover strange Extended Mag bug

The bug in question comes from a user named kzranran on the Apex Legends subreddit, who made a post titled, “The extended mags are moving on its own lol.”

The OP attached a clip of the bug that showed a Horizon player dropping three different extended mags from their inventory. Once the mags hit the ground they slowly began to move across the ground on their own.

The three squadmates crowded around the mags as they slowly inched along without any sign of stopping.

Many players in the comments were amused by the strange bug, with some making jokes about the odd items’ odd behavior.

“Every year at this time the magazines migrate south for the mating season,” joked one fan. The comment is even funnier considering the mags are indeed moving south as evidenced by the in-game compass.

Another player joked, “They’ve become sentient,” while a different fan said, “Loba perk. Upgrade items gravitate towards her black market for looting.”

Thankfully, this bug is incredibly harmless and it’s unclear if it can even be replicated. Still, many Apex Legends fans got some enjoyment out of witnessing the ‘Great Magration of 2024.’