Apex Legends finisher glitch shows why Wraith is “completely bugged”

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Players say a bizarre Wraith finisher glitch serves as proof that the Apex Legends character is “completely bugged.”

Developer Respawn Entertainment unleashed Apex Legends Season 17 last week on May 9, most notably introducing players to a new character – Ballistic.

The new season hasn’t been without its fair share of issues, however. Since the update’s release, users have identified problems related to the likes of Ranked Mode and the Firing Range.

Apparently, some character-specific issues recently started rearing their heads, as well. Here’s to hoping a new Wraith bug doesn’t become too widespread.

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Apex Legends finisher glitch shows Wraith is “completely bugged”

On the Apex subreddit, a user shared video evidence of a finishing move bug that impacts Wraith’s gameplay. The finisher’s cutscene plays out normally – the Legend punches their opponent a few times, opens a dimensional rift, then chucks them inside.

But the problem is that the rift remains on screen even after the sequence ends. Worst still, the rift graphic seems attached to the player, meaning they can’t move without the visuals distorting.

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According to the original poster, firing off Tactical or Ultimate abilities didn’t get rid of the unfortunate glitch. The player had to instead close the game and boot it back up.

This particular post led to other users pointing out the various problems plaguing Wraith this season. Wrote one Redditor, “Wraith is completely bugged lmao. Shooting while knocked, smuggling guns in Fight Night, visual glitches, poor kid.”

“Wraith is the most broken character this season,” someone else remarked in the thread. Yet another person mentioned that her ongoing troubles have forced them to switch to Mirage for the time being.

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Interestingly, one longtime Apex Legends player said Wraith’s finisher error is an “old bug… I assumed it was fixed, but now [it’s] broken again.” There’s currently no word on if or when Respawn will resolve this problem or the others concerning Wraith.

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