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Apex Legends glitch completely removes wait time on Crypto drone

Published: 13/Jul/2020 10:11

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have found a way to instantly spawn Crypto’s drone, though, it does leave them completely exposed to enemies. 

Ever since joining the battle royale party back in season three, Crypto has had an up and down existence in Apex Legends. The Surveillance Expert has plenty of players who are dedicated to using him, but he hasn’t hit the heights of a Wraith or Pathfinder. 


He’s best suited to players who want to help out their team – especially with his drone, Hack. With the drone, Crypto players can hang back and scan areas for enemies or pick up a downed teammates banner from a dangerous spot.

While there is a short load time to use the drone, some players have uncovered a glitch that cuts through the waiting period.

crypto in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Crypto has a hardcore fanbase but not everyone has tried out the legend.

The glitch was pointed out by Redditor chikenpotPi_, who showed that by simply hopping up on a ledge, the wait time on the drone is reduced to zero and it is instantly usable. 

Of course, by jumping up on something, Crypto isn’t able to cower away in a corner or hide behind cover. Thus, the legend is completely exposed to enemies. 

Given that the load time on the drone is only a second or two, the glitch doesn’t even seem that helpful unless you want to use the EMP drone in a tight space. Even then, it’s unlikely that you’ll see Crypto main’s exploiting during games in the future given that most play at long range. 


I found a bug that deploys cryptos drone faster. from apexlegends

Though, given that the glitch could be pretty annoying if players find a way to reduce the wait time and stay in cover, it might be something that Respawn looks into moving forward. 

As of writing, the strange bug hasn’t appeared on their Trello board so it remains to be seen as to whether or not they are aware of it.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Revenant animation is hilariously spooking players’ dogs

Published: 14/Oct/2020 23:38

by Theo Salaun


Revenant is most certainly Apex Legends’ spookiest character and, as it turns out, multiple clips have proved even his loading screen animation is enough to terrify people’s pets.

It’s October and that means it’s spooky season. Revenant, a shadowy, skull-faced simulacrum character, has been giving Apex Legends’ players the spooks since his release in February 2020. Now, he appears to be taking aim at those players’ dogs (and trying with their cats), as a recent flurry of clips shows that you don’t need to be a human to get frightened by his menu animation.


In the game’s loading screen, your selected character mulls about casually. For Wraith, that means standing about with a concerned, distressed expression. For Revenant, that means being an absolute nightmare, uncomfortably pacing around, and, suddenly, turning into a shadow and running directly at the screen.

That’s a jump scare and a half for normal people, but even more surprising for unsuspecting dogs who just happen to be staring at the screen wondering what their human is so preoccupied with.


As shown in the most recent clip, what looks like an adult labrador is lying comfortably and watching inquisitively as Revenant paces across the screen. Once the simulacrum starts sprinting toward the camera, a cacophony of laughter erupts from the owner as the dog jumps back and does a full spin into a defensive position.

On high alert, the sweet pup is quickly reassured by an “it’s OK,” from their human and you can, for a brief moment, see a sigh of relief in their eyes.

But this isn’t the only time Revenant has scared dogs and their owners, with others appearing to enjoy the sudden spookiness instead of being too scared by it.


In another clip, a happy corgi sits and watches Revenant until the jump scare, at which point they bounce away in fear. Quickly, they complete their spin and return with a few barks and a wagging tail for good measure.

It appears that pets can get a kick out of October theatrics too. And, further, that corgis may be closer to cats on the spectrum of animal companions, as the latter seem to have no fear of Revenant at all.

Revenant can’t even get to the jump scare against a tiny kitten, as the feline decides it would rather hop up and puts paws on the screen first. The moral of this story is clear: should a phantom simulacrum attack your domicile, your dog will get a little spooked while your cat will throw claws.


Fortunately, none of these pets appear to have suffered any real damage from Revenant’s antics. Now Respawn Entertainment just need to add a new animal character so they can get their virtual revenge.