Apex Legends glitch completely removes wait time on Crypto drone

Connor Bennett
Crypto in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have found a way to instantly spawn Crypto’s drone, though, it does leave them completely exposed to enemies. 

Ever since joining the battle royale party back in season three, Crypto has had an up and down existence in Apex Legends. The Surveillance Expert has plenty of players who are dedicated to using him, but he hasn’t hit the heights of a Wraith or Pathfinder. 

He’s best suited to players who want to help out their team – especially with his drone, Hack. With the drone, Crypto players can hang back and scan areas for enemies or pick up a downed teammates banner from a dangerous spot.

While there is a short load time to use the drone, some players have uncovered a glitch that cuts through the waiting period.

crypto in Apex Legends
Crypto has a hardcore fanbase but not everyone has tried out the legend.

The glitch was pointed out by Redditor chikenpotPi_, who showed that by simply hopping up on a ledge, the wait time on the drone is reduced to zero and it is instantly usable. 

Of course, by jumping up on something, Crypto isn’t able to cower away in a corner or hide behind cover. Thus, the legend is completely exposed to enemies. 

Given that the load time on the drone is only a second or two, the glitch doesn’t even seem that helpful unless you want to use the EMP drone in a tight space. Even then, it’s unlikely that you’ll see Crypto main’s exploiting during games in the future given that most play at long range. 

Though, given that the glitch could be pretty annoying if players find a way to reduce the wait time and stay in cover, it might be something that Respawn looks into moving forward. 

As of writing, the strange bug hasn’t appeared on their Trello board so it remains to be seen as to whether or not they are aware of it.

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