Apex Legends ranked plagued by “12-man teams” cheating to Pred

John Esposito
Apex Legends new Legend 'Conduit' performing selfie finisher

Apex Legends cheating conundrum infects every corner of Ranked, as players blast the “12-man team” takeover.

Apex Legends has come a long way since it arrived in 2019, with twenty seasons of updates significantly changing the state of the game.

However, one of the remaining constants has been cheating/hacking, and it’s been worse than ever this season alone. The middle of March saw the notoriously large ALGS hack during the NA Finals. Meanwhile, the Ranked experience is full of “12-man teams,” aka high-ranking players refusing to fight each other as they gang up on the “small guy” to “earn” the higher ranks.

The Apex Legends subreddit is full of posts ripping into the state of Ranked, with players begging Respawn Entertainment to act, given they might lose their hard-earned experience to cheaters.

Despite the pleas, the previously mentioned ALGS hack has seemingly raised a layer of distrust among the fans.

One such reply highlighted that sentiment: “It’s gotta be worse because the ALGS hack clearly showed Respawn/EA can’t do sh*t about hacking or cheating. They aren’t gonna fix it or ban anyone, so what’s the risk in cheating?”

Other sentiments shared the game’s over-reliance on bundles and the in-game shop versus working on the state of Apex Legends.

“You want more shitty lore, overpriced skins, and collection events? I got you – Respawn, probably,” one player jested.

Posts and comments like these are a dime a dozen in the Apex subreddit, yet they highlight a steady concern each new Apex Legends season comes and goes leaving community irritations unchecked. How Respawn and EA opt to reassure the player base will be a sight to see, although meaningful change may be quite a ways off.

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