Apex Legends players just want “infuriating” bug to finally be fixed

Shay Robson
Wraith Apex Legends

Apex Legends players are calling on the Respawn devs to finally fix an infuriating bug that’s been in the game for several seasons.

Just like many other battle royales, Apex Legends has had its fair share of bugs and glitches throughout its time. More often than not the bugs we’ve seen haven’t been majorly catastrophic or broken the game in its entirety. Although, they’re still certainly frustrating to deal with.

Occasionally, some glitches can cause Legends to get a bit of an unneeded buff, or even give them the completely wrong abilities.

Nevertheless, players are now asking Respawn to finally patch an “infuriating” bug that has been in the game for several seasons.

Apex Legends want annoying lobby bug to be fixed

In a Reddit thread posted on December 22, Apex Legends fan ‘bladefinor’ made note of a frustrating bug that switches between game modes in the lobby — which has been in the game for quite some time.

“Can we talk about lobby keep switching to trios and nothing is being done about it?” they wrote. “It’s been happening for at least five seasons now. It’s infuriating.”

In the replies, others shared their own experiences with the annoying glitch. “Yes!!! I f**king hate it. Jump into a game then realize it’s not ranked,” one wrote. “I was wondering when somebody was going to bring this up,” said another.

Nonetheless, it does appear that there’s a fix to the issue. According to one player, if you switch to your preferred mode, and then invite your teammates, it shouldn’t switch unexpectedly.

However, if you change the mode while the lobby is already populated, it will change back to your original mode by the time you return to the lobby. “Have everyone leave the lobby. Change to duos and have the second player join after you’ve changed the lobby to duos, and it should remain in duos,” they said as an example.

Regardless, we’ll hopefully see the Respawn devs fix the glitch in their next big update sometime in the new year.