Strange Apex Legends bug teleports new teammate in mid-game

Carver Fisher
apex legends strange bug new teammate seer

An Apex Legends player solo queued for a trios match when, after wiping out a squad, they gained an additional teammate out of thin air.

Apex Legends was designed to be a team-oriented battle royale, one that doesn’t have a solo option like many other BRs on the market.

However, players looking for a challenge (or hoping to farm badges) will often queue for games without letting other teammates get filled into their squad.

For this small subset of Apex players that are confident enough to solo queue and take on squads by themselves, a new bug is giving them teammates in the middle of matches.

Apex Legends players puzzled by strange matchmaking bug

Bugs aren’t exactly uncommon in Apex Legends. Ranging from goofy animation glitches or rare instances of players getting stuck in certain places all the way to bugs that render certain Legends’ abilities unusable, not every aspect of the game always works properly.

However, one player discovered a bug that’s strange even when compared to other oddities that sometimes occur in-game.

After wiping out an entire squad on their own, a player randomly gained a new teammate. It took them a second to notice the change because this teammate didn’t have to drop from the sky like a normal player. They just teleported right in.

While looting, a new teammate’s health bar suddenly popped up. It went from looking like a disconnected Bloodhound to spawning in a Seer.

One second, Pathfinder was looting boxes and getting their hands on essential supplies. The next, Seer was right there. The original poster tried talking to them, but they only got static coming back.

Additionally, the poster said they only saw one banner at the beginning of the match, meaning they were certainly alone when the lobby was made.

It’s hard to say what could have caused this off of a single clip, however. Whether this is a one-off incident or a persistent bug that players should be worried about remains to be seen.

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