How to fix Apex Legends code leaf error: What is code:leaf?

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The code leaf error has been affecting Apex Legends players since the game‘s release all the way back in February of 2019. Here’s everything we know about the issue and what you can do to fix it.

As with any online game, Apex Legends occasionally has issues with server connectivity and bugs. These can affect the user experience and sometimes even stop players from getting into the game.

One of the most frequently occurring server issues in Apex Legends is the code leaf error. This prevents players from getting into matches and alerts them that the “connection to the server has timed out.” Although similar to the console ‘Error 100’ bug, they’re completely different issues – but don’t worry, we have a guide for that error as well that can be found here.

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The code leaf error can be extremely frustrating for players who just want to jump into the game and play with their squad. Luckily for us, EA revealed a while back why the error was occurring and there are a few steps players can take to fix it.


When the code leaf error occurs, a player receives a pop-up on screen.

What is the Apex Legends code leaf error?

For a lot of players, figuring out what the code leaf error actually means is extremely difficult. Luckily for us, Respawn has addressed the issue in the past and explained why it occurs in-game.

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In a check-in on Reddit back in 2019, the developers revealed that the code:leaf error was a backend issue, not a problem with the player’s game: “the backend created a match, our severs successfully talked to one another, we sent users there, and the player never got there answer from the new server.”

Of course, as the player never got an answer from the server, the game fails to connect them to the match. Although this error can be extremely frustrating for players to encounter, it’s encouraging to know that it’s most likely a backend problem that is out of the player’s hands.

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There isn’t anything a player can do to directly fix the code leaf issue.

How to fix the code leaf error in Apex Legends

Despite the fact the error is more than likely a backend problem, there are a few basic steps that may fix the issue. For one, although it’s incredibly obvious, you should reboot both your gaming device and wifi router just the make sure everything is in order. Don’t forget to open up another online game after you’ve done this to ensure you’re just having issues with Apex Legends.

After that, if the issue still persists, this simple workaround appears to be fixing the issue for some players on consoles:

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  1. Launch Apex Legends
  2. While the game is loading – hold down the right analog stick to access the data center
  3. Pick a server that’s low ping but different from the one you’re currently in
  4. Head into a match

This fix may not work for everyone, but it’s certainly worth a try when you’re desperate to play. Finally, another option is to play on a different account. Some players have found if they switch accounts, the error disappears and the game allows them to enter matches. As a last resort, this could be your best option.

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Apex Legends is one of the most successful battle royale games currently out.

Unfortunately, if those fixes don’t work for you, it’s most likely a backend issue with Respawn’s servers. This means until the developers roll out a dedicated patch to fix the issue, you may still run into the error from time to time.

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The best you can do is keep an eye on the official Apex Legends Twitter page that Respawn often uses to update the player base on any big updates or fixes coming out.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better idea of what the code leaf error is and why it occurs. Although it’s frustrating there are very few quick fixes players can use to resolve the issue, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed Respawn can get on top of the error once and for all in the near future.

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