Apex Legends infinite loading screen error: How to fix

Apex infinite loading screenRespawn Entertainment

One of the most frustrating bugs in Apex Legends Season 8 is back, as players find the game takes forever to load, or sometimes not load at all, with the dreaded infinite loading screen.

Despite having over two years to sort out various connection issues, players are still often met with a variety of error codes, including code:leaf, code:net and code 100 in Apex Legends. There’s also the dreaded ‘invalid token’ error which still exists.

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In Season 8 though, there’s a new and possibly worse menu issue, which doesn’t even provide players with an error code to report.

Instead, this bug simply throws you back to the main menu screen (where you hit ‘continue’) over and over, and will be stuck on loading, with no way around it.

Apex Legends server disconnect screenRespawn Entertainment
Server disconnects have also been pretty common in Season 8, but the devs are looking into improvements.

Although Respawn managed to address one of the issues causing this problem, and gave players 25 free battle pass levels as compensation, it’s still happening to a lot of players.

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Steam users are the worst affected, although EA has said that they have started to see improvements on this platform.

How to fix Apex Legends infinite loading screen

There is a workaround that some players have found successful:

  1. Disconnect from the internet when you are in the loading screen ends (around 4 seconds)
  2. If successful, it will into the lobby screen. Then connect again to the Internet and spam to collect all rewards Do this fast it’s important!
  3. If this didn’t work, try again it could take a couple of tries. If you try this on Steam and it doesn’t work, try this with the Origin client.

If this doesn’t work, the other option is to play on a second account. The bug appears to be account-specific, rather than system or game-specific.

So, if you already have a second account try that, or simply make a new one in the meantime.

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The bug was raised as an issue on the EA Help forums, and on social media, with players saying that it seems to affect specific accounts. Playing on another account will often let them play the game as normal.

“I have the same problem with my main account,” one player explained. “I can play normally with my secondary account but my main has this problem so the problem is in my account (or game) not console.”

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The bug also doesn’t seem to be any better or worse on different platforms. Players on PC, Xbox and PlayStation are all getting the infinite loading issue.

Apex Legends supportEA
Players are reporting the issue in droves on EA’s help forums.

Respawn respond to login errors

On March 2, Respawn, developers of Apex Legends, gave an update on the issues. In a new patch, they said “Fixed one cause of login issues. Affected players will receive an error message (“code:clog”), then logging in should work.”

To make up for lost time at the start of Season 8, players affected by this error will receive 25 battle pass levels for free.

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But Respawn says they expect some players “will continue to have login issues,” and are still investigating more fixes.

We will keep this article updated with new information and any updates from the developers at Respawn or EA when we have them.

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