Viral Wingman in VR project shows what Apex Legends VR game could look like

Connor Bennett
Wingman in VR and Apex Legends

A few creative Apex Legends fans have managed to put a perfect replica of the Wingman inside of their virtual reality project, showing what a VR version of Apex Legends could look like.

Ever since it released, Apex Legends has had a fanbase of players who have been showing their creative skills off in plenty of different ways.

We’ve seen ridiculous cosplays of pretty much every character on the battle royale’s roster, some pretty impressive fan art, and even fully-fledged animated trailers, all made by fans.

However, just when it seems like players have reached their creative peak, some have done something completely different altogether – taking a piece of Apex Legends into the world of virtual reality. 

Crypto pointing a pistol in Apex Legends
The diverse world of Apex has inspired plenty of fan creations.

Reddit user RoadtoVR_Ben showed off their impressive new project, where their team had taken a picture-perfect replica of the Wingman and put it into a VR project.

Now, if you’re expecting a VR battle royale, we haven’t reached that level just yet sadly. Instead, this viral clip has Apex’s powerful pistol instead of a shooting range. 

The Wingman looks absolutely spot-on, the shots sound great, and the reload animation is even nice to see as well. Plus, with this being VR, you can shoot the Wingman from the side like you’re trying to curve the bullets – just as some players have wanted to see in Apex.

Even though it’s just a personal project, and isn’t going to be released as a demo or anything like that, it still earned plenty of praise from players and even some Repsawn developers. “This is so awesome,” said Jason McCord, Design Director at Respawn.

The creators said that it only took them around a day of development time to make

Some players asked to see what other weapons, mainly the Mozambique, would look like, but the poster noted, they hoped it would inspire VR devs to come up with some fun guns in games of their own. 

Who knows what this quick project will inspire, but it shows that even a lighter version of Apex wouldn’t look out of place on VR.

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