Insane CGI Apex Legends video brings Bloodhound to life

Joe Craven
Bloodhound crouching in shrubbery

One dedicated Apex Legends fan and filmmaker has shared an incredible CGI short video, introducing the Technological Tracker Bloodhound. 

Community creations have become a common sight in the Apex Legends fan base, with players of Respawn’s Titanfall battle royale regularly sharing their cosplays, artwork and more.

This video falls into the ‘more’ category, and takes the form of an introductory video for Bloodhound, one of the game’s original legends. Bloodhound has never hit the heights of a Wraith or Gibraltar, but has been a fairly solid option throughout Apex Legends’ six seasons.

Bloodhound skin in Apex Legends with Twitch Prime logo
Bloodhound has been a staple of Apex Legends since its release back in February of 2019.

The incredible video creation comes by way of CGI animator at GoldenLane Studios. Their Reddit username is ‘DPotatoManiac‘, and they shared their work to the game’s subreddit on October 10. It has since garnered insane praise, amassing nearly 50,000 upvotes in less than 12 hours.

A cinematic introduction to the Technological Tracker, the video sweeps over Apex Legends’ plush environment and shows Bloodhound taking out enemies with their trademark stealth. Hidden in the bushes, stalking their prey, the video provides a terrifying look at what makes Bloodhound such a formidable legend.

The creation blew the minds of many Redditors, and even garnered praise from Respawn Entertainment. Like us, they appeared stunned at what one fan was able to produce purely out of love of the game.

Principal animator Moy Parra said: “That was outstanding!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I can appreciate the amount of work that went into creating this piece, it turned out GREAT!” Similarly, Ryan Rigney, Respawn’s Director of Communications, commented: “You’re insane. Actually mind-blown by how sick this is.”

The video’s creator, whose real name is Slava Alekseev, said: “Thank you so much for your support guys! I never expected to see even a fraction of the attention the previous post got. The Apex community is the best.” Videos like this are one of the main reasons it is.

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