Apex Legends players split over Season 19’s Care Package Wingman

Philip Trahan
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Apex Legends fans are split over the Wingman’s appearance in Care Packages during Season 19, with some calling it too strong while others think it’s a blast to use.

Apex Legends Season 19 brought a bunch of changes to the battle royale which included some interesting changes to a variety of guns.

Alongside changes to the Bocek Bow, Charge Rifle, and 30-30 Repeater, the L-Star exited the Care Package while the fan-favorite Wingman took its place in Season 19.

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This hard-to-master pistol was already a force to be reckoned with in capable hands, and now its Care Package appearance has the community split on whether it should come back to the ground loot pool.

Apex Legends fans debate Season 19’s Wingman

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit sparked a discussion among the community after one player asked, “So how are we feeling about the Care Package Wingman?”

The OP explained that while they missed it being part of the normal ground pool loot, “The thing is a beast right now.” However, they clarified that they would rather see it outside of the Care Package like in past seasons.

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Fans were split on which iteration of the gun they preferred, with many players expressing just how much fun the Care Package version is to use.

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“It’s insanely OP and insanely fun to use. I pick it up every time I can,” said one fan, while another said, “Agreed. There is some risk going for care packages and the wingman takes some skill to use, so I don’t have a problem with how strong it is right now.”

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However, others felt the Care Package Wingman felt a bit too strong. “I 3 tapped a guy with red shields the other day. I felt bad for the guy. It’s a bit much.”

Some fans argued that the Wingman being in the Care Package brings up a problem for Season 19’s ground loot.

“It’s making finding purple and gold sniper mags on the ground feel useless,” argued one player. Another fan said, “Although I think it’s better to have it on the ground because now you only have RE-45 and 2020 for pistol options which no one picks up now that R99 and Alternator is back to ground loot.”

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Considering Respawn hardly ever adjusts Care Package weapons mid-season it’s likely the Wingman will stay off the ground for the remainder of Season 19. Until then, players should try their luck with this insanely strong hand cannon.

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