G7 Scout replaces Triple Take in Apex Legends Season 11 care package reshuffle

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn is switching the care package guns again in Apex Legends Season 11, and this time it’s a major pivot ⁠— the popular G7 Scout rifle will be heading into the RNG-loot drops, while the Triple Take is being freed from its exile.

The new Apex Legends season, Escape, is here, and with it comes a raft of huge changes for Respawn’s flagship battle royale, including a new map, Legend, and more.

After two years of Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus, players are now getting their boots on the ground in tropical Storm Point. The season also sees the culmination of a lengthy storyline surrounding old Titanfall villain Ash, who finally arrives as the newest Legend in the October update.

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And, like always, Respawn is making some weapon changes too.

The biggest one in Season 11’s update is a care package switch-up; the Triple Take is free, as one of the battle royale’s most popular guns goes the other way.

Ash in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The new Apex Legends season is bringing in a new legend, Ash, and a whole new map.

G7 Scout in, Triple Take out

Respawn will be removing the Triple Take from Apex Legends care packages in Season 11, and returning the energy-fuelled sniper rifle to the battle royale’s ground loot pool. The switch won’t come with any balancing changes, however.

In its place, the G7 Scout rifle is being added to care packages. The light-ammo rifle has been a mainstay in the Apex Legends meta since the early days of the battle royale in 2019, and Respawn is looking to minimize the chances it dominates mid-game fights by locking it away in the RNG loot crates.

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The Kraber, Alternator, and Spitfire all remain in supply drops.

Apex Legends care package guns

  • Kraber
  • G7 Scout
  • Alternator
  • Spitfire
Apex Legends Rampart using Rampage LMGRespawn Entertainment
The rapid-fire Spitfire LMG still headlines Apex supply drops.

To make up for the G7 Scout’s removal from the Apex Legends loot pool, Respawn is giving it several buffs, including boosted damage:

  • Double-tap equipped
  • Head damage ⁠— 63
  • Body damage ⁠— 36
  • Leg damage ⁠— 27

The marksman rifle previously did between 1-2 damage per bullet less than its new listed statistics, including 60 for a headshot, and just 34 per hit to the body.

G7 ScoutRespawn Entertainment
The G7 Scout is set to have a spell in the Apex Legends care packages this season.

Increased supply drop spawn rates

On top of the changes to the Apex Legends care package gun roster, Respawn are also tweaking supply drop spawn rates. Heading into Season 11, the chance an Heirloom weapon will appear in a drop is being bumped up to 50% in the early game (from 25%) and from 75% all the way up to 100% late.

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This won’t change the Kraber sniper rifle drop rate, however, with Respawn keeping its lower chances the same as Season 10 to avoid too many long-range battles.

Wattson shoots a Kraber in the Apex Legends Season 8 trailer.Respawn Entertainment
You won’t be able to get the Kraber any more frequently despite drop-rate changes.

Outside of the big care package switch, Season 11 is actually making relatively few changes to the game’s balance. The EVA-8 and L-STAR are being nerfed in the October update, and a new “Dual Shell” hop-up is being added ⁠— apart from that, the battle royale’s arsenal is untouched.

On the Legend front, just Wattson is getting any meaningful changes. They include several fence buffs and a tweak to make her Interception Pylon stay forever.

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