5 most underrated weapons in Apex Legends

James Busby
Apex Legends Underrated Weapons
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The Apex Legends meta is constantly shifting and it can be tempting to use the overpowered Legends and weapons. Sometimes, though, it’s best to shake things up with some rather unconventional picks. Here, we break down five of the most underrated weapons you should be using.

Apex Legends’ Season 8 update has brought lots of exciting content to Respawn’s battle royale. Not only is there a new Legend that changes the way players handle combat, but there’s also a bunch of new Kings Canyon map changes. While using the game’s best guns will certainly give you an edge, against your rivals, it won’t always guarantee you a win. 

Those that are willing to master a wide variety of weapons will usually be able to outgun any players that simply stick to meta. After all, every new update brings forward a wave of changes that bring certain guns into the top tier rankings. While the weapons below may not be the best in their individual categories, they do have a great deal of potential if you’re willing to give them a chance. 


Apex Legends L-STAR
Respawn Entertainment
The L-STAR’s range may be bad, but in close-quarters, it absolutely shreds.

The L-STAR is one of the most unique weapons in Apex Legends as it allows you to keep firing as long as you keep under the overheat threshold. This means you can maintain pressure if you simply fire in short bursts and have the necessary ammo reserves.

While the slow nature of its projectiles can prove tricky to land during ranged engagements, the L-STAR can make short work of players in close-quarter fights, particularly if you land the 36×2 headshot multiplier. Even body (18) and leg shots (14) deal enough damage to quickly knock an enemy out of the competition.


RE-45 Gun in the Apex Legends loadout menu
Respawn Entertainment
This pistol can be fantastic when equipped with the Quickdraw Holster.

The RE-45 is a gun that sees very little use in Apex Legends. While the addition of Disruptor Round Hop Ups took the pistol to new heights, the buff was eventually removed in Season 3. Ever since then, the RE-45 has never regained popularity amongst crowds who are looking to go with the meta and only use what’s most likely to get you a win.

Despite this, Season 7’s Quickdraw Holster does make it particularly useful, especially in early0game firefights where players are scrambling for the best loot. With Quickdraw Holster equipped, the RE-45 can be raised and lowered faster, with reduced hip fire speed, and decreased ADS time.

All of this means that the RE-45 is capable of quickly downing foes, so consider picking it up if you need a reliable gun in the early-game.

EVA-8 Auto

EVA-8 in the Apex Legends loadout menu
Respawn Entertainment
This underdog shotgun can make short work of even the tankiest of foes.

The EVA-8 Auto is usually only used during the early-game when players are desperately scrambling for loot. In fact, this shotgun is barely seen at all during mid to late-game firefights. Instead, the majority of players often equip either the Mastiff or Peacekeeper when seeking out those close-quarters brawls. The gun is fully automatic, utilizing Shotgun Shells that fire nine pellets in the shape of the number eight. 

With 0% leg damage reduction and a 10% drop in movement penalty when aimed, this shotgun is something underrated that can be taken advantage of. Combine this with the gun’s recent fire rate buff and use of the Epic Shotgun Bolt, and you have yourself an extremely powerful shotgun. 


Alternator in the Apex legends loadout
Respawn Entertainment
While it might be the weakest SMG in-game, it can still provide you with an early-game advantage.

The Alternator has held the top spot as the weakest SMG in the game for a while now. However,  this Light SMG did receive a damage buff in Season 8, which has given it a little more agency in the early to mid-game. While its slow rate of fire may put it behind the R-99 and Volt, it does have the added advantage of being very accurate.

When shooting, all you have to do with the gun’s recoil is drag it straight down. Coupled with fantastic spray control, it’s definitely something that can be utilized well if you’re willing to take the time to master it.


Sentinel in Apex Legends in the loadout menu
Respawn Entertainment

First arriving back in Season 4, this bolt-action rifle has a fantastic ability that allows it to consume two Shield Cells. This puts it into a temporarily overpowered state. When in this state, every shot is guaranteed to deal 25% extra damage for 120 seconds.

With fantastic, but underrated abilities like opening doors by shooting handles, the Sentinel is an ideal choice. Coupled with penetrating bullets that allow you to hit multiple targets with only one shot, and a high projectile speed, you’re guaranteed to be rewarded for taking the time to experiment with this rifle.

If you add these five underrated weapons to your arsenal, you’ll secure more kills, no matter the meta. Make sure you follow @TitanfallBlog for all the latest Apex Legends news and updates.