Strange Ash Ultimate bug teleports players huge distances in Apex Legends

Alex Garton
Ash Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

A bizarre glitch involving Ash’s Phase Breach Ultimate is teleporting players halfway across the map in Apex Legends to random locations.

Since arriving on the roster back at the start of Season 11, Ash has established herself as a popular Legend in the current meta with a 6.7% pick rate.

Not only does she have roots in Titanfall, but her kit encourages players to track down enemies and actively seek out gunfights.

However, as with every new character, the Incisive Instigator has had her fair share of bugs and issues, including an EVO shield glitch that made it possible to get max armor at the beginning of a match.

Now, a bug involving her Ultimate is causing players to teleport huge distances across the map to random locations.

Apex Legends Ash Ultimate
Respawn Entertainment
Ash arrived in Apex Legends in Season 11.

Bizarre Ash Ultimate bug teleports players to random locations

Ash’s Ultimate allows her to create a one-way portal to a set location that her whole team can use to escape or close the distance on an enemy.

However, as Reddit user Willing-data3726 discovered, if the Ash player is killed while inside the Phase Breach, the portal will despawn.

This means the game no longer knows where to teleport the player inside the Ultimate so it transports them to a seemingly random location on the map.

It’s safe to say this can cause some issues, especially if you happen to spawn next to an enemy squad with no backup from your teammates.

It’s difficult to know how Respawn would go about fixing this issue unless they made it so Ash’s Ultimate remains on the map after her death.

However, as this interaction is so rare, it’s unlikely the devs will have this bug down as a priority to fix. The glitch is extremely hard to replicate but could cause some problems for a few unlucky players in the future.