Shroud explains why Apex Legends Season 4 is the most exciting one yet

Calum Patterson
Shroud looking at screen with apex legends and season 4 logo

Streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek may have stepped away from Apex Legends, but it sounds like the release of Season 4 could see him play what was once his go-to battle royale more regularly. 

With a new legend (or two), a new weapon, and some map updates expected, there’s a lot to look forward to for Apex fans. But, it’s no secret that shroud has gone off Respawn’s battle royale, more often found playing and streaming Escape from Tarkov instead.

He’s already confirmed that he will try the new season when it arrives and has now explained why Season 4, more than other before, has got him excited, even after his long break away from the game.

Season 4 ‘Assimilation’ is coming on February 4 – but Forge might not be the new legend after all.

His excitement for this season actually stems back to before Apex Legends was even released. Shroud was one of a handful of top streamers to be invited to Respawn to help the development of the game.

With this exclusive access, the former CS:GO pro was given lots of insight into the studio’s future plans, and in previous seasons, has had a pretty good idea about the new content that was going to be added.

But, this time around, he’s more out of the loop than ever before. “I’m excited for [Season 4],” he said on his Mixer stream, “this is actually the first time in Apex updates that I actually don’t know [what’s coming]. Actually, that’s not true, I do know what’s coming – not all of it though.”

When is Season 4?

Despite his excitement, shroud did say that he won’t be jumping in right away on the first day that Season 4 releases, on February 4. He has an off-day from streaming set for that day, but will try it out for the first time on Wednesday, February 5.

So far, we know there will be a new legend for Season 4, and all signs are pointing to Revenant, after he murdered Forge in cold blood in a teaser trailer. Forge was initially announced as the new legend, although his future is now unknown, if he has one at all.

A Respawn developer has said Forge is definitely dead, but eagle-eyed fans believe there are clues to suggest it was actually a body-double that was killed.

Shroud explained that he wants a major meta shift, and nothing could be more major than two brand new legends. Past seasons have only added one though, so there’s no guarantees yet.

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