Is Revenant replacing Forge in Apex Legends Season 4?

Alan Bernal
Forge Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment released a teaser diving into new lore for newly announced Apex Legends character Forge and what his bloody encounter with Revenant means for Season 4.

The battle royale is close to its one-year launch anniversary on February 4 and it looks like the devs are brewing something special to commemorate the event – even if it comes at the expense of the 5x Hyper-Fighting Federation Champion.

Leaks for the game have been consistently pitting Revenant as the next in line to enter the Apex Games, and while that might be true, players were taken aback when Forge was announced as the Season 4 headliner in Respawns blog update.

But the dev’s January 27 “special episode” starring James (Jimmie) ‘The Forge’ McCormick and Outlands Television host Lisa Stone threw a wrench in players’ perception of who’s really coming to the battlegrounds when the new season hits.

The faux interview introduces Forge as he “finally” qualifies to enter the Games, but things abruptly turns gruesome when we the Mask of the Red Death, Revenant makes its sudden appearance.

There’s a lot of elements in the trailer that’s emblematic to what’s happening in Apex Legends’ development, and Respawn aren’t being subtle with their approach.

“Hammond Robotics has had my back the entire way,” Forge said just before the vengeful bot Revenant made his on-screen debut behind him.

The name of the feature segment “Up Close and Personal” was also foreshadowing how it was going to play out, with Revenant sneaking behind the newly appointed contestant of the Apex Games.

Now even EA’s Season 4 page was updated in a meta confirmation that Forge might not be coming to Apex, that is if Respawn isn’t planning yet another trick that will see “the often imitated” fallen favored son of the Outlands.

Respawn changed up its excerpt for Forge following the Jan 27 trailer, now teasing “a mysterious Legend.”

Meanwhile, it should be no surprise that Revenant will take his place in the game, if the “mysterious Legend” on the update page is to be an indication.

Respawn’s bait-and-switch didn’t fool some of the more devote loremasters for Apex Legends, who were hot on the trail of clues that stemmed long before the Season 4 blog detailing the upcoming chapter for the game.

Though there’s a good indication of the developer’s intentions, considering the new signage up in World’s Edge, it’ll be exciting for fans to see how Respawn unpacks the next major storyline in Apex Legends.

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