Shroud lists changes needed for him to return to Apex Legends

Calum Patterson
Apex Legends Mirage on left with Apex Legends logo shroud on right talking to viewers

Since his landmark move to Mixer in 2019 shroud has barely touched Apex Legends, opting for Escape from Tarkov or Call of Duty instead. There is ways for Apex to win his heart back though, he has revealed.

Shroud is yet to dive into the new Apex Legends event, Grand Soirée, leaving some fans wondering if he’s ever going back to his old stomping ground.

Instead, he has dedicated his time to other first-person shooters, primarily Escape from Tarkov. Although not strictly speaking a ‘battle royale’, it does boast similar features with loot and weapons, and the struggle to stay alive.

Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade event image with Pathfinder and Wattson skinsThere are numerous new Apex Legends modes in the Grand Soirée event.

Before Tarkov and Modern Warfare though, shroud was often seen on Apex Legends, which he played frequently throughout 2019. In 2020 though, he’s yet to jump into Respawn’s BR, despite a major new event. In December, he said the game just wasn’t “appealing” to him.

The Grand Soirée Arcade event adds a new limited-time mode every two days, but the former CS:GO pro has explained that he’s “not interested” in that whatsoever.

“It’s not really an ‘Apex event’, it’s just a couple LTMs and stuff,” shroud said, “there’s nothing special about it.” He did say that he was intrigued by one of the LTMs though: the third person mode.

“But either way, I’m not missing anything in Apex. Apex is still the same game, with a couple of new game modes that are just for fun,” he finished.

Shroud wants “meta changes” in Apex Legends

Clearly, shroud is looking for more than just a few LTMs to really shake up the game.

“I’m more so interested in, I don’t know, maybe new characters? Meta changes,” he explained. “I’m ready to see their meta changes, with new weapons and hop-ups. I’m already ready for that. I don’t care about the actual game, I want it to change.

“I want it to be adaptive, you know? It’s been the same game for a while now,” he concluded, “that’s just my thoughts.”

Thankfully, it likely won’t be long until shroud gets his wish. The Grand Soirée Arcade is the final event of Season 3, with the fourth season right around the corner.

Set to start on February 4, Season 4 will launch on the one-year anniversary of Apex Legends’ release in 2019. We can expect at least one new legend, and a new weapon too (expected to be a new SMG).

Surely then, shroud will hop back in to the World’s Edge map, and see if Apex can hook him once again.

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