Apex Legends writer drops cryptic hints for Season 4, Forge & Revenant

Calum Patterson
Revenant attacking Forge from the back in Apex Legends teaser

Respawn Entertainment are ramping up towards the release of a brand new legend in Apex Legends Season 4, but will it be Forge or Revenant? One of the writers working on the game has dropped some more clues.

It was first announced that Forge would be the new legend coming in Season 4, but a surprise twist saw Revenant (another leaked legend) literally stab him in the back.

With Forge now (seemingly) dead, Revenant is set to take his place in the Apex Games. However, Tom Casiello, one of the writers working on Apex Legends, has hinted there is more twist to come in the story yet.

As fans speculate about the fate of Forge, with some suggesting Revenant actually killed a body-double, the writer his given some cryptic hints.

On January 27, Casiello tweeted “there’s another whole week until Season Four. Wonder what will happen between now and then…” leaving fans seeking with more questions than answers.

In a follow-up tweet, Casiello responded directly to speculation about Forge having a body-double. Fans noticed that the Forge who was stabbed had a scar on his eye, but Forge in the official teasers does not.

Forge from Apex Legends with a cut in his eyebrow
There is a distinctive difference between the Forge that was killed, and the one in teasers.

When a fan asked about the peculiar missing scar, the writer simply responded “Good question. Only time will tell…” This could mean that the scar is nothing at all, but it seems the writer was aware of the difference already.

Finally, as fans are still waiting patiently on official confirmation of the new legend, Casiello teased that the “story’s just getting started…”

As he says, there is still time before Season 4 begins for yet another twist in the story. Some have even speculated that Rosie, another leaked legend, could come back to help Forge.

Considering the developers have spent so much time making Forge’s backstory, and a full set of abilities, it seems unlikely that they would completely delete the character at this point.

The exact start date for the new season is February 4, and Respawn no doubt have some more tricks up their sleeve.

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