Is Forge really dead? Apex Legends dev responds

Apex Legends character Forge next to RevenantRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends developer has confirmed that new character Forge is definitely dead, seemingly putting to bed theories that he could still be alive.

James ‘The Forge’ McCormick, typically known just as ‘Forge’, was first introduced as the new Legend for Season 4 in a developer stream on January 23.

The announcement came as a surprise to many fans, with leaks having previously suggested that Revenant would instead be the new character debuting in the upcoming season.

Respawn Entertainment
Forge was originally announced as the new Legend for Season 4.

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Things were not all as they initially appeared, however. On January 27, Respawn released a video which saw Forge being interviewed after finally qualifying for the Apex games, only for the interview to be abruptly ended by the arrival of Revenant, who appeared behind Forge and stabbed him in the back.

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This, along with indications in Apex Legends itself, suggested that Forge was not going to actually make it into the games, and that his place would be taken by Revenant instead. Fans haven’t been totally satisfied with this explanation, however, with many theorizing that Forge may yet have survived.

Unfortunately, it seems those theories may now have been nullified, as Respawn Senior Animator Moy Parra confirmed that Forge was in fact murdered, and he is now “super duper dead.”

Even despite this apparent confirmation, some fans are still not convinced that there aren’t further twists yet to be revealed. Some have pointed to the tone of the tweet, which could be read as slightly sarcastic, while others have claimed the ‘crossed fingers’ emoji could be an indication that the developer isn’t telling the whole truth.

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It certainly does seem odd that Respawn would go to the trouble of developing a complete new Legend simply as a means of misdirecting players as to the real new character being released in Season 4, especially as that misdirection only really lasted for a few days.

Whatever the whole truth is, it seems likely that fans may have to wait for Season 4 to arrive on February 4 to find out.