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LG’s ShivFPS slams Twitch for “undeserved” 7-day ban after Apex Legends rant

Published: 26/Apr/2021 18:49 Updated: 26/Apr/2021 18:50

by Alan Bernal


Luminosity Gaming’s Shivam ‘ShivFPS’ Patel slammed Twitch after the platform banned his channel for an intense rant toward an Apex Legends cheater.

As one of the bigger Apex streamers, Shiv gets a ton of attention in-game from fans, stream-snipers and the regular cheater. In a recent encounter, his team managed to get revenge on someone who’s been harassing Shiv for days, he said.

The payback immediately launched Shiv into a tirade against the cheater, or at least that’s the moment the Apex pro believes probably led to his ban.

“Alright well I received an email that I’m gonna get a 7 day suspension on Twitch…This one however in my mind is bullsh*t,” he said. In this situation, Shiv thinks that context is key and wants the ban reversed.


The Twitch moderation team told Shiv that he was given the week-long ban because he “used hateful slurs in one of your last broadcasts.”

Since what he said was technically targeted at other players in the game he was playing, it was in violation of the platform’s Terms of Service (TOS).

Shiv plans to appeal the 7-day suspension once the ban is live.

“Hacker maliciously targets streamer, ruins his content, continually harasses him through hateful ingame speech and even hacking into his account and getting it banned,” fellow Apex pro Nokokopuffs said, recounting Shiv’s situation.

The 22-year-old has been dealing with this cheater for a while now, and it’s even had implications on his competitive career.


That’s largely why he’s now pleading for Twitch to look into his case before an actual ban goes through their system. He thinks that if Twitch takes the context into consideration, then it should give his case enough steam to reverse the ban.

However, it’s still unclear on why exactly Twitch is banning Shiv. The company doesn’t make it a habit of commenting on specific bans, which is why the streamer is inclined to believe it was because of the tirade.

Shiv and his fans are still waiting to see if Twitch will rescind the suspension or if they’re going to sideline the Apex Legends streamer soon.


Update April 26

Twitch has gone forward with Shiv’s 7-day ban on April 26. At one point, Shiv believed the ban to be reversed since there was no action, but a notice of his suspension appeared a few days later.

This is Shiv’s second ban, with the last one coming on September 30, 2020.

Considering the length of time on the reported ban, ShivFPS will return to Twitch in seven days on May 3, 2021.