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Apex Legends pro ShivFPS gets perfect revenge against aimbotter on his team

Published: 4/Apr/2021 14:37

by Connor Bennett


Popular Apex Legends streamer Shivam ‘ShivFPS’ Patel got sweet revenge on a cheater after they were paired up in a ranked game. 

Just like most other multiplayer games, Apex Legends has had to deal with its fair share of cheaters before. The majority of these have, seemingly, used aimbots or wallhacks to get a leg up on the competition.

Respawn Entertainment and their security team have been cracking down on cheaters and hackers, with recent ban waves going out to target some of the highest-ranked players in the game.

However, before Respawn could step in this time around, Luminosity Gaming’s ShivFPS decided to get one over on a pair of cheaters he’d been teamed up with.


ShivFPS in a headset
Twitter: ShivFPS
Shiv is a British Apex Legends pro and content creator for LG.

During his April 3 stream, the popular Apex pro was solo queuing in Ranked games when he was joined by two names he recognized and quickly called them out as cheaters.

“Yo what’s up b**ch? How you f**king cheaters doing today, huh?” he said, to no reply from his new teammates.

He didn’t stop there, and continued the trash talk. “You aimbotting trash cans, f**king b**ches huh. You gonna aimbot the whole lobby, huh? Let’s f**king go,” he continued.

When the game finally got underway, the LG streamer continued berating the cheating duo by trying to take all the loot and disrupting their ability to fight enemies.


He tried to lead them off the edge of the map too, but they didn’t bite. However, Shiv tried it a second time when one of his new teammates was taken down, but this time brought a Trident to the party.

The streamer drove away like they were going to a new spot, but drove over the edge. The other player mistakenly jumped off, leading them to eliminate themselves, so Shiv let them know how happy he was. “Later b**ch, nice aimbot. My loot now, my f**king loot now, you aimbotting f**king p**sies,” he yelled.


Shiv’s chat was overjoyed with his slice of revenge, falling about themselves laughing at the moment.

The highlight has even gone viral across social media too, some highlighting the way Shiv got his own back on cheaters while others can’t stop laughing at his rage.

Either way, anyone who tries to cheat alongside him next time will have to tread carefully, otherwise, they’ll be going over the edge too.