Game-breaking Apex Legends Seer & Rampart bug literally kicks players out of matches

Jaret Kappelman
Apex Legend players discover game-breaking bug with Seer and Rampart
Respawn Entertainment

Seer’s kit has been referred to as “broken” by many Apex Legends players, but a new interaction with Rampart actually seems to crash the server and kick everyone out of the lobby.

The game by Respawn Entertainment has seen a sudden climb in player base due to ongoing hacker issues in Warzone. Season 10 dropped earlier this month bringing in Seer the Ambush Artist, who seems to be really strong in the current meta.

Players have been running around with the new Legend and absolutely destroying games with his recon tools and “overpowered” kit.

However, lots of people in the community are discovering that Seer paired up with Rampart can be a recipe for disaster.

Seer and Rampart team up to crash the servers

Seer casting his ultimate and Rampart placing hers down inside of it seems to be what sets this bug off. This is shown off in the clip below from Reddit posted by ‘veryuncreative_name’ which shows in the firing range how they get kicked.

This new bug between the two definitely seems to be game-breaking. After it happens, the servers can crash and kick every single player out of the lobby.

Numerous people have replied to this saying that they have received that same error code and are kicked out of their current match. This also doesn’t give players a chance to reconnect and sometimes results in a 10 minute cool down.

Some people have been joking around saying that this isn’t a bug and Seer just is that strong. One Redditor said “That’s Seer’s passive duh” joking with the community because a lot of people are waiting for the next patch to nerf the legend.

For now, it is seemingly a bug and with all the noise it is creating on social media players can hope that Respawn is aware of this issue and working on a fix.